Putting your children on your policy

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For young drivers, it's a frustrating fact that car insurance is very costly. Many parents like to help out by adding their children as named drivers on their own Admiral policy


For young drivers, it's a frustrating fact that car insurance is very costly.

Many parents like to help out by adding their children as a named driver on their own insurance policy.

Adding your son or daughter to your car insurance can be a more cost-effective way to help the young driver get on the road when an insurance policy in their own name may simply be too expensive. 

Adding a named driver to your policy 

You can add your son or daughter as a named driver to your Admiral Single CarMultiCar or MultiCover policy - not only could it work out cheaper than having a policy in their own name, it allows your children to gain experience on the road. 

Car insurance groups 

If your car is in one of the lower car insurance groups, the cost of adding your children will be relatively modest. But if you drive a car in one of the higher insurance groups, it will add a lot to your premium or our Underwriting Team might decline adding your children.


If you’re adding a child to your policy as a named driver, you must make sure you are still the main driver of your car. 

If you say it's your car, but in reality your children are driving it every day to work or university and you hardly ever use it, that could be considered fronting – it’s fraudulent and if you’re caught, your insurance policy could be voided.


  • Main driver: the policyholder and person who uses the car the most 
  • Named driver: someone, like your children, added to the policy who drives the car occasionally, but isn’t the main user

If your son or daughter is going to be using the car more often than you, discuss the option of adding a parent as a named driver on the child’s policy – this could give them a reduced premium and there is no risk of fronting.  


If you think the best approach is for your son or daughter to get car insurance in their own name, take a look at our MultiCover option. This allows a family to insure any cars and their home or home contents on one policy and each car and home added could earn a MultiCover discount. 

You don’t need to wait until your other policies renew or cancel anything, they’ll join automatically when they’re due for renewal – just tell us the dates when you’re setting up the policy and we’ll do the rest. 

And you can take out MultiCover even if you live at a different address to your son or daughter.

Find out more about how to add other drivers to your car insurance policy and what to do if something goes wrong with our guide.