Real v Fake

The great Christmas debate

Nothing says Christmas is coming more than seeing homes lit up like….well, Christmas trees! We may grumble that Christmas seems to arrive earlier each year, but the sight of a Christmas tree certainly makes you feel festive. Or does it?

Do you get incensed by the sight of a fake tree? Maybe the thought of a real tree, shedding needles fills you with dread? Whichever side of the debate you are on, we can reveal the true views of British households on Christmas trees and decorations.

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Real or Fake?

Percentage of people who prefer a real or artificial Christmas tree

We spend an average of £155.42 each year on our Christmas tree and decorations

26% of us have had an argument about decorating our Christmas tree

One in three of us have bought the wrong size tree for our home

Percentage of people who have bought the wrong number of baubles and the wrong amount of lights

The most common Christmas tree related claims:

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Bauble calculator