Pet safety on Bonfire Night

While children, and big kids alike, look forward to fireworks displays come November, there may be someone else in your home that doesn't.

The loud noises and unusual sounds from fireworks can be quite scary for pets, and the RSPCA estimates 45% of dogs in the UK are afraid of them.

Here is the Admiral Pet Insurance team's 8 top tips to keep your furry friend happy this Bonfire Night.

Safe place

Give them a 'safe place' to hide - it should be quiet and accessible to them at all times.

Stay indoors

Keep your cat or dog indoors when fireworks are being let off and bonfires are lit.

Litter tray

Use a litter tray at this time of year to keep your cat safely indoors.

Block flashing lights

Close your windows and pull the curtains to stop flashing lights startling your pet.

No fussing

Don't fuss your pet if it's showing signs of fear - the RSPCA advises against this as it will make things worse in the long run, and your pet needs to get used to loud noises.

Keep them occupied

In a bid to distract your pets, there's nothing wrong with giving them a new toy or tasty treat to keep them occupied.

Pets that live outside?

Partially cover the cage and put down extra bedding for them to burrow in.


Make sure they're secure - you don't want them running away after a sudden noise.