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If your question isn’t answered below, send the LeakBot team an email and they’ll be happy to help.

What happens once I take out my Platinum Home Insurance?

You don’t need to do anything. The following contact details will be safely shared with LeakBot so they can dispatch your device:

  • Full name
  • Address
  • Email
  • Phone number

You’ll receive a confirmation email for your device and a dispatch email once the device has been shipped.

What happens if I cancel my policy?

If you cancel your Platinum Home Insurance, you’ll lose access to the free engineering services that support your LeakBot.

LeakBot will contact you directly to give you the opportunity to enter a direct service with them to keep the full benefit of your LeakBot device, but this will mean you’re responsible for any charges for required engineer visits.

Once you cancel your policy, Admiral will no longer receive any data from your LeakBot.

What data is Admiral collecting?

We’ll use information from the LeakBot device to learn more about leak alerts and their link to escape of water claims.

We can access data from LeakBot that tells us if a device has been installed, if there’s been a leak alert and whether the leak has been resolved. If your policy is cancelled, we’ll stop receiving data.

What is a smart water leak detector?

Smart water leak detectors alert you to water leaks around your home to help prevent damage.

How does LeakBot detect leaks?

LeakBot’s patented Thermi-Q technology accurately measures both the air and pipe temperatures in your home.

A leak causes colder water from outside to be continually drawn into your home, creating a consistent drop in temperature. LeakBot can sense the prolonged and consistent drop in temperature and alerts you to the problem.

What do I do if I get a leak alert from LeakBot?

Most leak alerts will be small, low-level leaks, and in many cases, the leak will be something simple which the LeakBot app will help you find and fix yourself.

If you’re unable to find the cause or are concerned by what you find, you can arrange for an approved specialist LeakBot plumber to visit to find and fix the leak.

Should you experience a leak alert from your LeakBot, we’ll cover the cost of one home visit every year from a specialist LeakBot engineer if your home insurance remains active. You’ll pay for any further visits. You will need to fix all leaks within 28 days of an alert.

Which parts of my plumbing will LeakBot monitor?

When fitted correctly, LeakBot monitors all hot and cold water pipes fed from your internal mains water supply pipe.

Where do I install LeakBot?

LeakBot needs to be clipped on to your internal mains water supply pipe, before or after the internal stop tap. Make sure LeakBot is 30-60cm off the ground, with at least 10cm of access around the stop tap and fitted before any of the pipework branches off around the house.

The LeakBot app will guide you through every step of the set-up journey.

Installation should be completed within 28 days. If you're unable to complete set up within 28 days, please contact LeakBot to arrange a free return.

How do I find my internal stop tap?

Your home’s internal stop tap is located at the point where the mains water enters your home. This is normally found on the ground floor, underneath the kitchen sink, hallway, ground floor bathroom or garage.

How does LeakBot alert me to a leak?

When LeakBot detects a leak it will notify you in the app, by SMS and email.

If LeakBot detects a leak, how do I get help if I need it?

If LeakBot alerts you to a leak you should open the LeakBot app where you’ll be guided through the next steps.

What happens when I book a LeakBot repair?

LeakBot engineers are trained professionals equipped with the patented leak detection equipment, allowing them to find and repair the smallest of hidden leaks.

What happens if I don’t repair a leak?

You can choose not to repair a leak, but LeakBot will continue to detect it and alert you. Most importantly, until you get it fixed, LeakBot won’t be able to detect any other leaks that may develop. If you do have a leak and you choose not to fix it, it may cause damage to your home over time. Admiral require you to fix all leaks within 28 days.

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Terms and conditions

Leakbot T&C’s between Admiral and Admiral Platinum Customers who are taking part in a trial

For a limited period, we are testing the addition of a smart water-leak detector. LeakBot devices can help to spot hidden leaks in properties before they become worse and cause larger problems. Leakbot devices will be offered with selected Admiral Platinum policies purchased through any price comparison website. You will also benefit from one annual free engineer repair during the offer period, if such a visit is required. Just complete the set up within 28 days of delivery of the device and enjoy the extra peace of mind. This offer is part of a limited trial and has the following terms & conditions between you, as the Admiral policyholder, and Admiral:

  1. The promoter of this trial is EUI Limited (trading as Admiral) whose registered address is Ty Admiral, David Street, Cathays, Cardiff, CF10 2EH (the "Promoter").
  2. We are offering the LeakBot device for a limited time period. The trial is for selected Admiral Platinum Home Insurance policies only at this time.
  3. The provider of the device is LeakBot trading as Leakbot Limited (Company number: 08442778).
  4. You, as policyholder, will need to enter into these terms and conditions with us. You, as the policyholder, will also need to enter into terms and conditions direct with Leakbot. The terms and conditions between you and Leakbot will appear in the application following your download of the LeakBot app.
  5. The policyholder’s contact name, postal address, email address and telephone number will be shared with LeakBot in order for Leakbot to make contact, to offer their terms & conditions, to dispatch the device and to provide the service.
  6. You must install the LeakBot device within 28 days of its delivery at the insured property.
  7. You must download and install the LeakBot app.
  8. You must register the LeakBot device to an address insured on your policy using the LeakBot app.
  9. You must resolve any leak alerts within 28 days of the notification of leak which will appear on the app.
  10. The trial will run between 11th July 2022 to 10th July 2024 and during this time Admiral will pay for one engineer visit to the insured property per policy year, for the period of the trial and while your Admiral Platinum Home Insurance policy remains active. LeakBot will provide Terms & Conditions to you in regard to the engineer visit & repair.
  11. The engineer services paid for by Admiral (i.e. 1 engineer visit per year during the trial period) will cease after the trial date. This will mean subsequent engineer visit costs will be your responsibility should you chose to receive such a visit.
  12. You must have Wi-Fi available at the insured property in which the Leakbot device will be installed and you must have a smartphone to be able to run, and to receive notifications from, the LeakBot app.
  13. You must have access to the stop-cock or stop tap that is used to turn off the water supply as it enters the insured property. There must be at least 10cm of access around the stop tap to fit the Leakbot device.
  14. LeakBot device data, such as device status and detected leaks, will be shared with Admiral.
  15. Admiral can withdraw this benefit from you at any point throughout the trial period (i.e. on or before 10th July 2024). If Admiral withdraws during that period, this contract between you and Admiral will be terminated but your contract with Leakbot will continue under their terms & conditions. If Admiral withdraws the offer, your right to one free engineer visit per year will cease.
  16. If your Admiral Platinum Home Insurance policy is cancelled, LeakBot will contact you to offer the opportunity to enter into a direct service with them. This will mean subsequent engineer visit costs will be the responsibility of the device owner.
  17. If your Admiral Platinum Home Insurance policy is cancelled, Admiral will no longer receive any data from the LeakBot device and will no longer send the data set out in clause 5 above to LeakBot.
  18. LeakBot engineer visits do not need to be reported to Admiral. If you need to raise a claim following the leak this can be done as normal under your policy of insurance and the cover you have with us.


  1. The LeakBot limited trial is not available to customers whose insured properties are in the following postcode areas: BT, KA, PA, PH, IV, KW, PO, IM, TR, GY, HS, JE, ZE
  2. The LeakBot limited trial is not available to customers whose insured property is a flat
  3. The LeakBot limited trial is not available to customers with contents only cover
  4. The LeakBot limited trial is not available to customers with Landlord cover