High Value Items

Extra protection for your valuable items

Upgrade your Home Insurance to protect your valuable items worth over £1,000, home or away.


What is a High Value Item?

high value item, also known as a specified item, is any single item or collection worth more than £1,000.

What's protected with High Value Item Cover?

A high value item is:

  • Any rare or unusual collectible articles
  • Audio visual, photographic or sporting equipment
  • Computers, laptops, tablets and notebooks
  • Jewellery, watches or pearls
  • Pictures, prints or works of art
  • Precious metals or stones
  • Stamp, coin or other collections
  • Musical instruments
  • Furs

This cover doesn't come as standard with any of our policies so if you do have any treasured possessions you'll need to tell us about them when you take out your insurance policy.

For items to be specified, you'll need to tell us the item type, a description and the value. In some instances you may need to provide proof of valuation.

Many of us could have valuables in our home without being aware of them, just think about all things gathering dust in the attic or the back of a cupboard. Take a look at our guide which will help you find any hidden valuables in your home.

If you have a large number of valued items, you may need a higher level of cover. Here's some more information to help you choose the best policy for you.




High Value Item Limit


(£10,000 per item)


(£15,000 per item)


(£25,000 per item)

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