How much will you pay for essentials at a motorway service station?

If you’re taking a cross-country trip over the coming months, you’ll probably need to make a pitstop along the way. Whether refuelling the car or yourself, stopping at a motorway service station could end up hitting you in the wallet. But by how much?

Our team of mystery shoppers investigated 22 service stations across the UK to compare the cost of popular road trip items; from crisps and wine gums to coffee and fuel.

Overall, snacks and drinks bought at the service stations were 117% more expensive than a standard supermarket.

Buy water at the supermarket

The biggest mark-up was on water, which cost an average of £1.76 for a 500ml bottle but can be picked up for around 44p at a supermarket. All the service stations we visited had free water refill stations.

Plan ahead

Motorists could save £8.10 on our basket of goods if they planned ahead and bought them before they headed off.

We also compared the price of fuel on the motorway with the UK average, and found a price hike of 16% on both unleaded and on diesel. This means that a motorist filling up a large car could save over £8 on fuel alone.

Take a look at our findings below, and next time you’re going on a journey, it could pay to think about stocking up on supplies before you hit the road.

Highway robbery!

How much are snacks, drinks and fuel at UK service stations, and how much you could save by shopping before you hit the road?

Cold food and drink prices

Average service station price

Average shop price

Amount saved

500ml bottle of water




500ml bottle of Coca Cola




Cheese sandwich




Single medium sausage roll




Standard pack of Walkers ready salted crisps




Standard Cadbury's Dairy Milk bar




Medium sized bag of wine gums








Hot food and drink prices

Standard sized latte

Small portion of chips

Average service station price



Petrol and diesel prices

Average service station price

Average UK pump prices*

Total saving

1 litre of unleaded petrol




Price for 40 litres




1 litre of unleaded diesel




Price for 40 litres




*source BEIS price as of 21/10/19

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