Do you know how much you spend on your car running costs each year?

Try our car running cost calculator to find out what you’re spending to run your car each day and what that equates to every month and over the course of a year.

We're also sharing some tips to help you reduce your car running costs and save money.

How it works

Answer each question as accurately as you can. Enter the amount and how often you pay – then leave it to us to calculate the total amount you spend.

What type of car do you have?

How much do you spend on fuel?

How much is your Vehicle Excise Duty?

Also known as road tax or car tax.

How much is your insurance?

Do you have breakdown cover?

How much do you pay?

Have you taken out finance to pay for your car?

How much do you pay?

If you have fewer than 12 months of payments left to make, enter the total amount outstanding and select "remaining".

How much do you pay towards servicing/maintenance/MOT?

How much are your other costs (parking, tolls, congestion charge, cleaning etc)?

Running your car costs...







Great tips to help reduce
car running costs

Consider an electric/hybrid car

If you use your car more for shorter trips, consider a plug-in hybrid or 100% electric car. If you don’t fancy electric, switch to a car with a low total cost of ownership, such as one of the cheapest new cars to own over three years.

Watch your braking

Accelerate smoothly, avoid braking sharply where possible and stick to the speed limits.

Keep an eye out for a bargain

Shop around where possible – for breakdown cover, new tyres, and even parking and petrol.

Combine your cars onto one policy

Consider MultiCar or MultiCover Insurance. You could get a great deal by putting your cars on one policy.

Carry out simple MOT checks

Check your lights are working, your tyre treads aren’t too low, and your windscreen wipers are in good condition – before going for the test.

Make sure you get your car serviced

Get your car serviced yearly and maintain it in between to make sure issues are caught early.

Look after your car

Do some DIY maintenance!

Watch where you park

Do your best to avoid parking tickets and fines.

Shop around if you lose your car keys

If you lose a car key, don’t buy a replacement from a dealer – try a key cutter or mobile auto locksmith instead.

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