How much could you save by switching to an electric vehicle?

For anyone considering a switch from a petrol or diesel vehicle to an electric vehicle, our EV cost calculator can help. Compare your existing running costs to your potential new running costs as you weigh up the decision.

From the UK electric vehicle grant to a range of exemptions on road tax, congestion charges and more, there are many ways to save money by switching to an electric vehicle.

How it works

Answer each question as accurately as you can, both in terms of the amount you spend and how often you pay. Our calculator will provide an electric vehicle cost comparison over one, three and five years.

You can then factor in these savings as you assess the purchase or leasing costs of switching to an electric vehicle, as well as any specific maintenance costs for your new vehicle.

What type of car do you have?

What fuel do you use?

How much do you spend on fuel?

How many miles do you drive on average?

How much is your Vehicle Excise Duty?

Also known as road tax or car tax.

Electric Vehicles
are exempt from tax:

The electricity must come
from an external source or an
electric storage battery not
connected to any source of
power when the vehicle is
moving to be exempt.

How much is your insurance?

Do you pay congestion charge?

How much do you pay?

Electric cars
exempt from the
Congestion charge
until 2025, when this
will be reviewed.

See the difference in running costs
petrol / diesel vs an electric car
over one, three & five years...

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5 Years


1 Year


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5 Years


Please note insurance prices used are averages based on internal data,
and don’t take into account other data relating to demographics and behaviour that can affect insurance prices.

Top Tips & (elec)Tricks
to reduce car running costs

Make sure you check for the Plug-in Grant

Many electric vehicles qualify for a government grant for electric vehicles. The current plug-in grant for low-emission vehicles can be up to £2,5001, and while it’s usually already applied to the buying price of a new electric vehicle, it’s worth making sure that the dealer has applied this if you are buying a new EV purchase.

Request a congestion charge exemption

If you live and/or drive in an area with a congestion charge, you may well be eligible for an exemption - or at least a considerable discount - if you have an electric vehicle2. This is currently available until December 2025.

Enquire about a discount on your MOT

While any electric vehicle more than three years old has to undergo an annual MOT, it doesn’t have to go through the emissions portion of the checks3. So, it may be worth asking for a discount on the standard MOT cost – it's worth a try!

Apply for an electric vehicle home charger grant

One key decision you need to make as an EV buyer is whether you’re going to add a home charging point for your electric vehicle. This obviously brings additional upfront cost, but makes charging your vehicle easier.

There are currently government grants of up to £350 towards the cost of your charger4, which can see them cost as little as a few hundred pounds including installation.

Charge at the most cost-effective time

If you do go ahead with buying a home charger and live in a place with low-cost tariffs at certain times of the day or night, it makes sense to charge at the cheapest possible times.

This can make a considerable difference to your overall charging cost across a year and help maximise your fuel savings in comparison to a petrol or diesel vehicle. It’s worth looking for a tariff which offers the longest possible off-peak charging periods5.

Look out for free parking options

An increasing number of towns and cities are now beginning to offer free parking for electric vehicles6. If there’s a potential to get a prime parking space in return for your environmental contribution, why not take it?

Explore small business grants for electric vehicles

In addition to the specific government grant for electric vehicle purchases, there are other funding opportunities available to businesses.

The government’s Workplace Charging Scheme7 is a voucher-based scheme subsidising the cost of purchasing and installing electric vehicle chargepoints, with an available discount of up to £350 per socket, up to a maximum of 40 sockets, or £14,000.


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