Example only. Not your actual feedback.

Understanding your driving feedback

How's my score calculated?

We use the following categories to score your driving:

Driving speeds

As speed limits are set according to the different types of roads you can drive on, the speeds at which you drive are reviewed. Keeping within these speed limits and avoiding excessive high speed will allow you enough time to react to hazards and be a safe driver. Speeding can result in a negative impact on your score.

Smoothly does it

We analyse how sharply you accelerate, brake and take corners in your vehicle. Consistently harsh acceleration or braking has a negative impact on your score.

Time of day

Analyses the time of day or night of your journeys. Driving during the hours of 10pm and 4am is considered riskier than driving during the day and will have a negative impact on your score.

You’ll receive regular emails which contain your overall driving score and a breakdown of the categories noted above.

1. Your overall driving score and group

We’ll rate your performance with one of three colours:
Green: Your driving has no areas of concern
Amber: Your driving may need improvement in some areas
Red: Your driving needs significant improvement

These are examples of your driving feedback

If your driving behaviours and score indicate your driving is poor, you will fall into our Driving Score Cancellation process and we will cancel your policy (giving you 7 day’s notice of cancellation in writing).

At renewal we will use this score to determine if your renewal price should be discounted or increased.

2. Focus areas and power tips

We’ve created three focus areas for you:

  • speeding
  • smoothness
  • night driving

We provide these as a star rating out of 5 stars (1=Poor, 5=good) to show you how they impact your driving score. The power tips tell you which categories are influencing your score the most. It’ll provide guidance to help improve your star rating too.

3. Mileage data

From the driving data being collected, we can help you be more accurate on your annual mileage.

Your driving feedback

Here's an example of how your feedback could look:

These are examples of your driving feedback

Here's an example of how your Mileage data could look:

You have currently driven xxx miles of the xxx miles declared on your policy. Your predicted annual mileage is xxx.