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Admiral Rewards has now closed

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Admiral Rewards as you currently know it is now closed.

Customers were able to add their bank details to their Admiral Rewards account until 30 November 2021 to redeem their funds.

An extension to this deadline was given to those having difficulty accessing their accounts until 6 December 2021. 

After 7 December 2021 we are unable to process any redemption payments and unclaimed cash rewards will be donated to charity. 

I wasn’t aware Admiral Rewards was closing.

Since 29 October 2021 we’ve attempted to contact all Admiral Rewards customers to advise them of the closure of Admiral Rewards. We’ve sent communications via email, SMS, push notification, social media, emergency messaging on and in some cases by phone. 

If you haven’t received communications regarding this, please ensure we have the correct contact information for you. You can update your details via MyAccount

I didn’t add my bank details by 30 November 2021 - can I still redeem my cash rewards?

If you didn’t add your bank details to by 30 November 2021, we aren’t able to process the payment of your cash rewards. Any cash rewards remaining in your wallet will be donated to charity.

I haven’t redeemed my cash rewards - can I transfer my digital wallet balance onto my policy?

No, your cash rewards could only be paid into your bank account and you needed to inform us of payment details by 30 November 2021. Any cash rewards remaining in your wallet will be donated to charity.

I added my bank details before 30 November 2021 - when should I expect to see my cash rewards paid?

Payments were processed between 23 November 2021 and 7 December 2021 and took up to a further 5-7 working days from the final processing date for these funds to reach your bank account. 

The reference on your bank statement for this payment would be ‘City-Gobsmack’.

We’re no longer able to process bank transfers for cash rewards now that this date has passed.

How can I close my Admiral Rewards account?

Your account will have been closed automatically after we paid any funds to you. All accounts were closed within 7 days of the final redemption date.

Who can I speak to regarding Admiral Rewards?

If you would like to speak to someone regarding Admiral Rewards, please do so via our contact us page. 

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