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With no Brexit deal in place, motorists reminded they may need a Green Card to drive in Europe

Admiral recommends allowing at least 7 days for applications

Admiral Car Insurance is reminding motorists that unless an agreement with the EU is reached beforehand, they will need a Green Card to drive their car in Europe from 1 January 2021. Without a Green Card, motorists run the risk of being denied entry at the country borders, being fined for not having proper insurance in place or potentially having their vehicle seized.

Admiral, which offers Green Cards free of charge to its customers, is advising all motorists intending to take their car to Europe after 31 December to plan ahead and allow themselves at least 7 days to apply for their Green Card.

A Green Card proves a motorist has the minimum level of cover for third party property damage and personal injury in countries that are part of the Green Card system. Drivers towing a trailer or caravan will need an additional Green Card to prove that the vehicle being towed is also properly insured.

At the moment, you can drive your car in Europe without a Green Card, but this could change if there's no deal with the EU by the end of the year. A Green Card lasts for up to 90 days and can be applied for now - so can be sorted well in advance of any trips to be taken.

You must have a hard copy of your Green Card with you, an electronic version on your smart phone or tablet isn’t currently accepted by the authorities.

UPDATED 01.07.21 - please read our 'EU to scrap Green Cards for UK drivers' article