Unique code needed to hire a car abroad


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Drivers hiring a car abroad will need a unique code in place of driving licence paper counterpart.

With the paper counterpart driving licence due to be scrapped from 8 June, people who hire cars abroad may want to familiarise themselves with the new procedure.

Anyone hoping to hop in a hire car overseas after this date will need to take a special code with them instead of the paper counterpart licence, as driving records are now going online.

Drivers will need to log in to the DVLA’s website and click on the 'Share your licence information' button, doing this will generate a unique code.

The code is only valid for 72 hours meaning motorists who want to hire a car midway through their trip would need to generate the code while abroad.

The DVLA is advising motorists to destroy the counterpart after 8 June.

However, AA president, Edmund King, suggests holding onto the document as some hire companies may not be aware of the new arrangements.

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