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How does the car valuation checker work?

Our car valuation engine is powered by Cazana – it looks at more than 75,000 cars on sale in the UK, historical pricing data and market trends to give you a valuation.

Cazana's tool is different to Admiral's valuation tool. The valuation given by Cazana is based on current market value and the car being in good condition; other car valuation tools will use different ways to value a car.

Why should I get a car valuation?

Using a car valuation tool to find the true value of a car puts you in a stronger position to negotiate a better price when buying a car.

No one wants to be stung when handing over their hard-earned cash, so our car valuation checker gives you an idea of how much you should be paying for it whether you’re buying through a private seller or at a dealership.

if you're looking to buy a car at a dealership, make sure you shop around for the best deal. Did you know Admiral now offers Car Finance?

What affects the value of a car?

Some of the key things that affect a car’s value are:

  • Mileage – the higher the mileage, the less the car’s worth

  • Age – The older cars get, the more they tend to lose their value through depreciation (of course this isn’t always the case – classic cars can be worth a lot of money)
  • Condition – The more scratches and dents the car has, the less it will be worth. On the other hand, a well-kept, clean car can fetch more money
  • Brand – Luxury car brands such as Audi and BMW are better at holding their value

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