The Christmas Cost Index


Are we a nation of big Christmas spenders?

The cost of Christmas is going up - but as a nation, are we getting more generous with gifts, too?

We've looked at our data to see what the British public have been adding to their home insurance when the gifts under the tree have been unwrapped.

Average value of items added to a home after Christmas*

* Admiral Home Insurance data 2012-2016

Top 5 items given

1 Big screen TVs We're a nation of TV lovers - and the fact that TVs added to home insurance policies went up in value by 14% last year proves it
2 Jewellery All that glitters might not be gold, but we'll add it to our insurance policies anyway - 54% of items added to home insurance policies at Christmas last year were jewellery
3 Engagement rings Popping the question this Christmas? The value of engagement rings added to home insurance policies at Christmas 2016 was double that of 2015
4 Art Adding a objet d'art to your home? You're in good company; 36% more of you added pictures to your home insurance policy last Christmas
5 Musical instruments We're a nation of music lovers - 2016 had more instruments added to policies that any year in the last 4, and the value added has doubled in 4 years, too