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Protect your belongings from as little as £60 a year

10% of Admiral-level Instaquote customers paid £60.30 or less for a contents insurance policy (between Jun and Nov 23)

Three cover levels

Take control by choosing the right level of cover for you and your family

Flexible add-on options

Personalise your cover with our optional extras to suit your needs

5-star rated cover

Moneyfacts has awarded our Platinum cover with their highest rating

Bundle your home and car insurance for a discounted MultiCover deal

Start with a home or car and bundle others for a lower price. Sign up now and your other cars or home join when they’re ready.

Multi cover insurance

Compare our three levels of cover

Admiral has made it easy to get the right level of cover for your contents ‑ you just need to choose from three simple cover packages.

Our great value Admiral package covers the essentials in your home up to £75,000.

Our Gold package gives the same great value as Admiral cover but up to £100,000 with added extras.

Our full-featured Platinum package is for people who demand extra security and peace of mind. Cover up to £150,000.




Contents Sum Insured (eligibility criteria applies)

£75K £100K £150K

Loss Of Metered Water / Oil

£500 £1K £2.5K

Money Limit

£250 £500 £1K

Replacement Locks / Keys

£500 £750 £1K

Alternative Accommodation

£10K £15K £25K

Occupier's Liability

£1M £2M £2M

Legal Liability(Tenants)

£5K £10K £20K

Personal Liability

£1M £2M £2M

Freezer Food

£250 £500 £1K

New For Old

24 Hour Emergency Helpline

Digital Information

£500 £1K £2.5K

Credit Card Cover

£250 £500 £1K

Contents Temporarily Away From Home

£5K £10K

Deeds And Documents

£1K £2.5K

Celebration Cover

£3K £5K £10K

Theft from Garages and Outbuildings

£1.5K £5K

Garden Contents

£1K £2.5K

Garden Plants

£500 £1K £2.5K

Visitor's Belongings

£500 £1K

Office Equipment

£2.5K £5K £10K

Household Removal / Temporary Storage

Items In A Bank

£5K £10K

Employer's / Domestic Staff Liability

£5M £10M

Contents At University


Contents At Nursing Home


Fatal Injury Benefit


Temporary Accommodation Liability


New Purchases

Matching Items

What is contents insurance?

Contents cover protects your belongings against:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Fire damage
  • Water damage

While home contents insurance isn’t compulsory, ask yourself what you’d do if everything you own – your clothes, furniture and gadgets – was destroyed. Replacing everything would be very expensive.

What's covered by contents insurance?

Contents insurance covers the items you'd take with you if you move:

  • Furniture
  • Clothes
  • Electrical items

If you aren't sure if your items can be covered, just call one of our friendly team on 0333 220 2090 who will be happy to help.If you buy our contents insurance, your belongings will be covered for theft, vandalism, fire damage, water damage and even natural events like lightning strikes.

So, if the worst were to happen to your home, your most precious belongings would be covered. Whether expensive or sentimental, we know what matters most to you.

Contents insurance for renters

Getting on the property ladder can be tricky and expensive, which is why so many people in the UK choose to rent. But this doesn’t mean tenants don't want to protect their belongings like homeowners do.

Your landlord is responsible for making sure your home has buildings insurance but it's up to you to arrange cover for your possessions.

If you rent a property alone, with your partner or as a family, you can insure your contents with Admiral Home Insurance. If you're living in a house share or you need students' contents insurance while living in shared accommodation, read more on our Tenants Insurance page.

Contents or buildings insurance?

Renters only need to worry about contents cover. Those who own their homes, however, will need to consider buildings insurance too – it's often a condition of your mortgage.

Buildings insurance covers everything that's permanently attached – the structure, doors and yes, the kitchen sink. Everything you'd pack to move with you would be covered by a contents policy.

You can also choose an Admiral Home Insurance policy which covers both contents and buildings insurance.

Adding up the value of your contents

To cover your contents, you need to know what your belongings are worth.

Adding up the cost of everything you own sounds daunting but it needs to be done if you hope to claim back the right amount for your belongings.

To add up the value of everything in your home, go from room to room and pop the value of each item into our contents calculator. You'll also need to tell us about anything with a value of £1,000 or higher to make sure we're able to cover them.

Contents Calculator

Do you know how much your stuff is worth? Get an idea with our helpful contents calculator.

Accidental Damage

Accidental Damage protection is also available and covers you if you spill a drink on your sofa or drop your laptop. Find out more about accidental damage

Your questions answered

If you have any questions, you'll find answers in this section.

What can I do while I wait for you to fix my boiler?

We apologise for the long waiting times - we hope Sedgwick will respond to you soon.

In the meantime, we have a video guide on what to do when your boiler stops working in cold weather. You can also read our article on how to prevent frozen pipes for proactive and reactive tips.

We also have more policy information on our ContentsHome Emergency Cover and Home Insurance pages.

Is my mobile phone covered?

Mobile phones are covered as standard through your policy, but if your phone’s worth more than £2,000 you’ll need to declare it as a specified item. We’ll cover the handset but not mobile phone charges, loss of airtime or liquid damage.

Are engagement rings and expensive jewellery covered?

Any valuables worth more than £2,000 need to be individually listed as part of the policy.

Is my kitchen covered?

Fitted kitchens including ceramic hobs are covered under buildings insurance. The contents of your kitchen such as the furniture, dinnerware and furnishings will be covered under your contents.

Do I need to provide proof of ownership for all my possessions?

In some cases proof of valuation or purchase receipt, dated within the last three years, is required within 30 days of the start of your policy. Photocopies or good-quality photographs are acceptable as long as they can be clearly read. They can be sent to us by post or email.

Please ensure that your policy number is noted on any document you send.

Email -

Does my contents insurance cover theft?

Yes, all Admiral polices cover theft. (Please note: our Admiral level of cover does not include theft from garages or outbuildings, but this is included on the Gold and Platinum tiers) For further details, including the limits that apply, please refer to your policy documents.

Are bikes covered?

All bicycles under the value of £350 are automatically covered while in and away from the home. (Please note: our Admiral level of cover does not include theft from garages or outbuildings).

Bicycles worth more than £350 will need to be individually listed on your policy and ‘Cover Away from Home’ selected so they’ll be covered outside the home. For more information, read about our bicycle cover.

Do renters need contents insurance?

If you own the contents of your home, it's your responsibility to insure it. Only the building and permanent fixtures and fittings are the responsibility of your landlord.

Contents cover isn’t compulsory, but that doesn't mean it should be overlooked. Could you replace everything in your home if it was damaged or stolen?

How do I estimate the value of my home's contents?

This is the total value of all the possessions in your home, including any items in the garden. It doesn’t include fixtures or fittings such as walls, windows and fitted kitchen, which are covered by buildings insurance and don’t need to be included in your contents’ total.

To calculate the value of your contents you quite simply add up the value of all the items you’d take with you if you moved house, including carpets and curtains. This amount should be enough to cover all the contents in your home, including any valuables (high risk items) taken away from home or kept in your garage, shed or outbuildings. Use our contents calculator for guidance

What is celebration cover?

Your contents cover will increase (up to the amount showing in your policy documents) for 30 days before and after the date of a celebration. It includes Christmas or other religious festivals, wedding or the birth of a child and covers the gifts and food bought for these events.

Are carpets covered as contents?

Yes, carpets fall under our definition of 'contents' and you should include the cost of replacing your carpets when working out the value of your contents. If you want carpets to be covered for accidental damage make sure this has been selected.

Do I need to keep damaged goods for a claim?

Yes, please keep any damaged items in a safe place. We may need to inspect them or need to see them as evidence of proof of ownership which could help us settle your claim faster.

Is money covered?

We will pay for the loss or damage to money in your home up to the limit shown on your policy schedule.

Are my garage and garden covered?

All of our policies cover damage to trees, shrubs, plants and lawns as standard.

While we cover your garage and contents, restrictions may apply in relation to theft from a garage or outbuilding.

You can find out more about the restrictions in your policy booklet.

Do I need a new policy if I move home?

It's a condition of your policy that you tell us before you move. We can usually move your cover to the new property, but occasionally we’re unable to cover the new address.

Do you need contents insurance as a landlord?

If you rent out your property, standard buildings and contents cover isn’t enough – you need landlord insurance. Otherwise if you need to claim and haven’t told your insurer you're renting out the property, they may refuse to pay.

The main type of insurance is landlord buildings insurance. Depending on your needs and the property you rent out, you may also want to consider these:

  • Landlord contents insurance
  • Landlord liability insurance
  • Loss of rent insurance
  • Legal expenses insurance
  • Landlord home emergency insurance

If my child is in university, are their contents covered under my insurance?

If you have a Gold or Platinum contents policy with us, 'contents at university' cover is included as standard and we'll pay up to the amount shown on your policy schedule. This protects you or your family's contents from loss or damage, while they are temporarily living away while attending full-time education.

The contents must be kept in a locked room at college/university halls of residence, student accommodation or boarding school.

Is contents insurance a legal requirement?

Unlike car insurance, you don’t need to have contents cover by law so you won’t be prosecuted if you’re caught without it. However, this type of cover protects everything you own inside your home so it's worth having.

Is contents insurance compulsory?

No, this type of cover is totally optional but it could be essential for you if something were to happen to your home contents. Think about everything in your home - your tech, furniture, clothes - all of your belongings. Could you afford to replace them if something happened to them?

Am I covered for accidental damage?

Admiral offers three types of policy which provide a different amount of cover depending on what you need.

Admiral Platinum provides full cover including:

  • Audiovisual accidental damage
  • Accidental breakage of mirrors or glass
  • Full contents accidental damage

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Looking for something different?

If you own your home, you’ll also need to insure your building. Admiral offers great value and flexible options across all our Home Insurance products.

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