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Get your Home Insurance with MultiCover discounts

Bundle your home and car for MultiCover discounts

As an existing customer, you can bundle home and cars together on one policy to get yourself a MultiCover deal. It's a standard policy and everything will renew on the same date. 

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What is MultiCover insurance?

You already insure your car with Admiral, which means you’ve qualified for a great MultiCover deal on your Home Insurance.

Admiral MultiCover is designed to cover all your cars and your home on a single policy.

You can start with just one car or home, and any others you tell us about are added when they’re due for renewal – each car or home added earns its own MultiCover discount.

Your MultiCover deal explained

Each car or home
gets a Multicover discount

One easy to manage
renewal date

One policy means
one set of paperwork

Your MultiCover Questions Answered

Will my car No Claims Bonus be affected if I make a claim for my home on the MultiCover policy?

No, any claim you need to make for your home will not affect the No Claims Bonus of any of the vehicles on your cover.

Do the cars need to be registered at the same address as the home insurance policy?

Immediate family can live at different addresses and will each build up their own No Claims Bonus.

If I take out a MultiCover policy will I have to cancel my existing policies?

No, you won't need to cancel your car and home insurance until they are due for renewal and then they'll simply join your MultiCover policy.

How many cars and homes can I add to the policy?

If you are doing an online quote you can add one home and seven vehicles. If you would like to add more vehicles or additional properties, please call one of our friendly agents.

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Flexible home insurance from Admiral

We know no one wants to spend ages at a computer answering loads of questions to get a home insurance quote, which is why we’ve made it quicker and easier for you to get your home covered.

Choose from three levels of cover - each with a range of different features. Select the most suitable cover for your needs online or over the phone with one of our friendly team.

Platinum Cover

Our full featured Platinum package is our top level cover. It’s designed for customers who want extra security and peace of mind.

  • Unlimited Buildings Cover (eligibility criteria applies)
  • Up to £150,000 Contents Cover
  • Home Emergency Cover - including cover for your boiler
  • Family Legal Protection
  • Accidental Damage Cover on both buildings and contents
  • Up to £2,000 of Personal Possessions Cover
  • 24-hour Emergency Helpline
  • Includes £350 Bicycle Cover. Optional cover available for bicycles worth more than £350
  • Matching Items Cover - if we can’t repair or replace a part of any matching suite like for like, we will replace the whole set.
  • Up to £10,000 Trace and access cover - covers the cost of detecting the source of a water or oil leak and repairing any damage caused in the process.