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Protecting your property and investment

Let Admiral worry about your rental property and contents - cover for residential lettings from the home insurance experts.

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Cover to suit you and your property

With over 2.5 million landlords in the UK, we know not everyone needs the same protection for their properties, which is why Admiral Landlord Insurance offers three levels of cover.

So whether you're renting to a family member or someone else, we've got the right protection for your investment.

And you can choose what you want to protect:

Combined buildings and contents

Buildings only

Contents only

Buildings or contents cover?

Buildings insurance covers the most important thing to you – the actual building: the bricks and mortar, the walls and roof. Contents insurance protects anything you provide at the property such as a sofa, bed, and white goods. If you offer a furnished home for rent, you might want to protect the furniture as well as the building.

How is landlord insurance different to home insurance?

If you rent out your property rather than living in it yourself, a standard home insurance policy won't cover you.

Your buy-to-let property needs specialist cover to protect the structure itself (landlords' buildings insurance), any contents you leave at the property while it’s being rented out (contents insurance) as well as your liability as the property owner.

Your Admiral Landlord Insurance also covers loss of rent if your property becomes uninhabitable due to damage or an accident.

Is landlord liability insurance included?

Yes, we call this property owner’s liability, and it’s included in every tier as standard.

As a landlord, you’re legally responsible for making sure your properties are safe and well maintained. Property owner’s liability protects you if your tenant or a member of the public is injured because of an accident at your property - for example, if the postman trips on a loose paving slab.

If you're still considering becoming a landlord, take a look at our guide: Renting out my home: What do I need to know?

What are the different levels of landlord insurance cover I can choose from?

Once you’ve decided if you want a combined buildings and contents policy, or just cover for one, you can then choose between our Admiral, Gold and Platinum tiers.

Take a look at what's included:

Landlords' buildings insurance




Buildings sum insured

Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited

Property owner's liability

£1M £2M £2M

Employer’s liability


Alternative accommodation & loss of rent

£30K £75K £100K

Replacement locks & keys

£500 £750 £1K

Emergency access

£500 £1K £2.5K

Loss of metered water/oil

£500 £1K £2.5K

House sale

Unauthorised use of gas/electric/water

£1K £2.5K

Trace and access

£5K £10K


30 days 60 days 90 days

Landlords' contents Insurance




Contents sum insured

£25K £50K £75K

Alternative accommodation & loss of rent

£10K £15K £25K

Replacement locks & keys

£500 £750 £1K

Contents removal & temporary storage

Theft from garages and outbuildings

£1.5K £5K

Garden contents

£1K £2.5K

Garden plants

£1K £2.5K

Optional upgrades for extra peace of mind

As with all insurance, landlord insurance is there to protect you from the unexpected and make sure your buy-to-let property is in good hands.

While it’s not a legal requirement like car insurance, protecting one of the most expensive things you've ever bought could save you a lot of money in the long run.

You can add any of the following extra cover to your Admiral Landlord Insurance policy for that extra peace of mind:

  • Malicious or accidental damage by your tenant
  • Theft by your tenant
  • Landlord legal protection - Up to £100,000 help with legal fees if you go to court with a tenant for things like eviction, property disputes or chasing rent, provided your claim's likely to succeed. You'll get a dedicated advice line and a team of solicitors if you need to make a claim. Anything before your cover start date isn’t covered and waiting periods apply before some areas of cover are activated.
  • Landlord home emergency cover - 24hr emergency call outs if you suffer an emergency that results in total failure. You'll get up to £500 for call out charges, parts and labour for temporary repairs to things like plumbing, roofing, hot water, central heating systems and pest infestation. Claims can be made seven days after your cover starts, and incidents must be reported within 48 hours.

Take a look at our optional extras:




Accidental or malicious damage by tenants

Optional Partial*

Tenant theft

Optional Optional



Emergency cover

Optional Optional

*By 'partial' we mean accidental or malicious damage by tenants cover for glass and sanitary ware (with Buildings cover) and glass, mirrors and audio visual equipment (with Contents cover) but not things such as spilling paint on the carpet or accidentally drilling through a pipe. Gold gives you the option to upgrade this cover to include cover for events like these.

All property types covered with Admiral Landlord Insurance

Our landlord insurance policies are available on all residential property types including:

  • Detached
  • Semi-detached
  • Terraced
  • Flats and maisonettes
  • Freehold and leasehold

Getting landlord insurance quotes

To get an Admiral Landlord Insurance quote, call one of our friendly team on 0330 127 7042 - and to help speed up the call, have the following bits of information to hand:

1. Landlord details

  • Name, contact information and address
  • Job title

2. Property details

You'll need to tell us about the property's interior and outside such as:

  • Wall and roof type
  • Garages
  • Flood history
  • Signs of subsidence

3. Rental details

  • Number of rental properties you own
  • Tenant reference checks
  • Rental income

4. Claims

In this final section we ask for details of any:

  • Claims
  • Losses made at the property in the last five years.


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Your questions answered

We're sure you'll love our great insurance products but maybe you have a few questions. You can find answers in this section.

Do I need contents insurance as a landlord?

If you rent out a furnished property you can cover your contents under a landlord insurance policy so you don’t need to take out separate cover. This specialist cover will protect any contents you’ve left at the property while it’s being rented.

Do I need buildings insurance when buying to let?

It is a landlord’s responsibility to insure the building, not the tenant’s so you will need to arrange buildings cover. This comes as standard with Admiral Buildings or Combined Landlord Insurance policies.

Does landlord insurance cover boiler replacement?

Boiler replacements aren’t covered by Landlord Emergency Cover but we'll cover a temporary repair if your boiler completely fails. 

Is landlord insurance tax deductible?

You can deduct landlord insurance if you pay for it yourself. Also, if your landlord insurance covers the cost of maintenance and repairs to the property, you can claim for the additional expenses incurred that the insurance pay-out doesn’t cover. Find out more here

What is tenant referencing, and do I need it?

Tenant referencing is a legal requirement that verifies if a potential tenant is right for you and your property. At a minimum, it involves a credit check.

If you don’t fill out the referencing correctly, it can negatively impact your letting experience and prevent you from claiming Landlord Legal Protection (LLP).

We have a guide on tenant referencing for landlords to answer your questions.

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