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LittleBox is a great way for new drivers to get awesome discounts.


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Don't be stereotyped, get LittleBox! It's a great way for drivers to get great discounts on our direct car insurance prices.

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LittleBox loves responsible drivers, so if you're paying over £650 get a quote now.

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Safe Driver's Insurance

Why choose LittleBox?

  • Discount straight away
  • No curfews
  • Free National Plus Breakdown cover
  • Theft Tracking once LittleBox is activated
  • Courtesy Car
    for comprehensive policyholders, if your car is under repair at an Admiral approved garage

How to get LittleBox

It’s easy to get LittleBox just click here to get a quote once you take out a policy we’ll make sure a LittleBox is fitted within 30 days, but don’t worry you’ll still be fully covered before then.

Safe driving on Britain's roads deserves to be rewarded. However if you are young, inexperienced or match the stereotypical profile of a hazardous motorist then you are often punished with high insurance premiums no matter how you drive.

Admiral believes in cheap car insurance for safe drivers and has introduced the LittleBox system to help achieve this. Discreetly fitted to your car, it is designed to allow Admiral to match safe drivers’ insurance premiums to their motoring skills.

What is LittleBox?

LittleBox is a telematics system that can observe a motorist's actions and then relay them to Admiral to help them benefit from a safe drivers insurance policy. The smartphone-sized piece of technology records careful cornering and braking proficiency as well as more general data such as what time and how long your journeys are.

Admiral then use this data to help you by giving feedback through the online driver dashboard with hints and tips on areas for improvement and what you do well.

Benefits of safe driver car insurance

Providing Admiral with telematics evidence to prove your ability as a driver will allow them to create a safe driver insurance policy for you and not your stereotype. Bad drivers are everywhere, so make sure you get the policy you deserve and are not punished for the mistakes and claims of others.

LittleBox also gives safe driver comprehensive insurance policy holders a free courtesy car if you are unlucky enough to be involved in an accident and get your car repaired at one of our approved repairers. Additionally Admiral has placed no curfews and you choose your mileage (minimum of 1,900 miles a year).

Littlebox also offers free National Plus Breakdown cover and Theft Tracking - meaning safe drivers are covered.

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