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How the No Claims Bonus works

Think of the No Claims Bonus as your reward for safe driving. Every year you drive without making a claim or having a claim upheld against you, we give you a discount off your renewal premium. And that no claims discount can keep on building, up to a maximum of 15 years. If there are still no claims on your policy in the following years, you'll keep on getting your discount.

Don't forget, with our Bonus Accelerator, you could get a year's valuable No Claims Bonus in just 10 months.


Can I bring my No Claims Bonus with me from another insurer?

Yes, just send us the renewal notice your previous insurer sent you, and your No Claims Bonus can carry on.

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What happens if I make a claim?

10% Online discount

Great discounts are available on when you buy online. And you could get a bigger discount with Admiral MultiCar.

Insurance that fits around you

Our car insurance provides all the essentials and more. But, perhaps you'd welcome the ability to upgrade your policy and to tailor it to your exact needs?

Breakdown Cover, Personal Injury Cover or even Hire Car Cover? More about these can be found in our Policy Upgrades section.

It depends what the claim is for; payments for windscreen damage or emergency treatment fees don't affect your No Claims Bonus. If the accident was the other person's fault and we recover all the money from their insurers, your No Claims Bonus won't be affected.

Even if you do have to claim for an accident that was your fault, you could still keep some of your No Claims Bonus. If you make one claim during the period you're insured for, you'll lose two years No Claims Bonus. So if you'd five or more years No Claims Bonus, it would change to three years No Claims Bonus at renewal. You'd still get a discount off your premium, and it wouldn't take so long to build back up to that full No Claims Bonus.

If you make two claims during the period you're insured for, you'd lose four years No Claims Bonus, and if you made three or more claims during the period you're insured for, you'd lose all your No Claims Bonus.

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Safeguarding your No Claims Bonus

Apart from driving safely, the other way to look after your No Claims Bonus is to pay an extra fee to guarantee or protect it. With a Guaranteed No Claims Bonus, making a claim won't reduce your No Claims Bonus (although you won't add any No Claims Bonus for that insurance period).

With a Protected No Claims Bonus, you can make two claims in a 3 year period before the bonus gets reduced (although you won't add any No Claims Bonus for that insurance period). The difference between the Guaranteed No Claims Bonus and Protected No Claims Bonus schemes is that with Protected, if you keep on making claims in consecutive insurance periods, you can lose the protection and ultimately, some of your No Claims Bonus too. Where your No Claims Bonus remains unaffected, in most instances a claim will lead to some increase in premium at renewal. However, our motor premium calculation will include the No Claims Bonus discount to which you are entitled. You can read the details in our policy booklet.

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Can a named driver on my policy earn their own No Claims Bonus?

Yes, they can build up their own No Claims Bonus to use on another Admiral policy, ready for when they take out their own insurance. It's ideal if you've put your son or daughter on your policy, as it should help make their insurance easier to afford when they have their own car.

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What about No Claims Bonus with MultiCar?

Each driver on the MultiCar policy builds up their own No Claims Bonus (it works the same way as named drivers, above). If one driver on the policy makes a claim and loses some or all of their No Claims Bonus, it doesn't affect the other drivers - their No Claims Bonus stays the same.

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