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What is firstcarquote?

firstcarquote is an innovative new platform from Admiral, aimed at young drivers who are buying or driving their first car.

Our aim is to provide young drivers with a quick, simple quote process, while helping to educate them about car insurance, encouraging safe driving behaviours, and hopefully having some fun in the process.

The product features include:

  • Facebook login
  • A simple quote process
  • A standard discount and a personality discount
  • A list of the cheapest cars to insure
  • Profiles of existing customers for price transparency
  • Mobile friendly

How do I get a quote?

The firstcarquote online app is really easy to use:

  • Enter car registration
  • Agree to our terms and conditions
  • Connect with Facebook
  • Answer questions for around 60 seconds
  • Get a quote with the firstcarquote discount
  • Complete an optional quick personality quiz for a further discount

The firstcarquote Personality Quiz

firstcarquote has developed a personality quiz to help assess risk for new drivers because there’s a lot of scientific research that proves a link between an individual’s personality and their driving behaviour.

Why are we measuring these traits?

There’s a growing body of scientific evidence that has found that these personality traits can be linked to driving risks, such as risky driving behaviour, driving style, traffic violations and crash risks.

How does it work?

The personality quiz is offered as an optional extra to firstcarquote.com customers who have completed a normal quote and are interested in the chance to lower their quote. Everyone that takes this optional quiz will be given a discount. The discount ranges from 10% - 1%, based on the individual’s results. It is important to know that no one’s price will go up as a result of taking this quiz.

How you can get the double discount:

  • Visit www.firstcarquote.com
  • Complete a quote in around 60 seconds
  • Receive a firstcarquote discounted price
  • Complete an optional Personality quiz in a couple of minutes
  • Receive a double discounted price

4 great reasons to choose firstcarquote

Special discount

Use firstcarquote to get a discount off an admiral.com price

Quick quote

Get a price in a couple of minutes


firstcarquote has been specifically designed for mobile users


We feature over 600 existing new driver profiles so you can see what car your peers drive and how much they pay

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