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Some facts about learner drivers

According to the Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA), there are over half a million people learning to drive in the UK at any given time.

The average learner undertakes at least 47 hours with an instructor and 22 hours with family and friends.

We know learning to drive should be fun and providing you an affordable way to get insured is our number one priority.

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Four reasons to choose Learner Driver Insurance…

Instant cover

Enter the registration of the car you're learning in, the postcode of where the car is kept and your relationship to the owner to get your quote today, and start your cover immediately. Eligibility criteria applies.

Owner's NCB not affected

You can learn with a friend or family member and their No Claims Bonus won't be affected if you need to make a claim.

Prices from £40 for 7 days cover

We have a range of cover options making it as affordable as possible to get insured with a provisional licence.

Flexible cover

Choose from 7-day, one, two or three months’ cover and renew as and when you need to.

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What is learner driver insurance?

As a provisional licence holder you can get valuable on-road experience with the help of Admiral Learner Driver.

To be added on to a friend or family members' policy as a learner driver can be very costly and could affect their No Claims Bonus if you do have a bump - this cover protects them from that and keeps prices down.

You can choose to be covered for one week or one, two or three months and there are just three questions to answer to get your quote.

The cover will only be valid if you're accompanied by a full UK driving licence holder and will end once you pass your test.

To find out more please read our guide on this subject.

Parents, here's what you need to know

This comprehensive, first time driver insurance comes in addition to the main policy currently in place on your car. It protects the provisional licence holder while also helping to preserve your No Claims Bonus - if they were to make a claim your No Claims Bonus would remain intact. In the event of total loss, the car will be covered up to the current market value.

Adding a driver to a policy can incur a charge and cause your premium to increase. Admiral's Learner Driver cover means the learner driver will pay.

This provisional driver insurance can run for 7 days or one, two or three months just so long as you have your own policy in place on the car at all times. Once the provisional licence holders pass their test and become full licence holders this cover will end.

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Your questions answered

Is there a compulsory excess?

Yes, there is a compulsory excess of £250.

Can I buy a policy over the phone?

This product is only available online. Get a quote.

What is Learner Driver Insurance?

This comprehensive cover sits alongside the existing policy of the car you want to learn to drive in. If you own the car you’re learning in this type of cover isn’t suitable for you. Please see Admiral Single Car or use another vehicle which has a main insurer.

If you have an accident and need to make a claim, it will be made on your own policy and won't affect the No Claims Bonus of the car owner.

Can I get cover instantly?

Yes. Just click 'Get a Quote' and once you've completed the process, cover can start instantly.

Is there any eligibility criteria?

We are unable to provide cover if you have had any claims, regardless of fault, in the past 3 years, or if you have had any driving offences in the past 5 years. We also are unable to provide cover if you suffer from any medical conditions which should be notified to the DVLA and/or have a restricted driving licence.

How much does it cost?

The cost depends on the length of the policy and personal circumstances such as your age, where you live and the car you'll be learning in.

Will this invalidate my parent's cover? Isn't this dual insurance?

Dual insurance occurs when the same car is covered twice with two separate policies, however, Learner Driver is different. As long as you're not named on the car owner's policy, or any other policy covering the car you want to learn in, you will not affect the existing cover.

Will it affect the car owner's No Claims Bonus if I claim?

Any claims you make won't affect the car owners No Claims Bonus. As such, they don't need to declare it to their insurers.

Can I insure any type of car?

We offer cover on most cars up to insurance group 35 with a current maximum value of £30,000.

Who can supervise me when I drive?

Any driver over 25 who has held a current and valid UK licence for at least three years. This doesn't have to be the car owner but you do need the owner's permission to insure and drive the vehicle.

What if I change my car?

Unfortunately, we aren't able to change the car on your Admiral Learner Driver insurance policy. If you want to start driving a different car, you should cancel your policy and set up a new one with your new vehicle's details.

Please make sure you tell us straight away about any changes to your circumstances, otherwise your policy could be invalid. If you're not sure whether you need to tell us about a change, call our Customer Service Department on 0330 333 5500 to check.

If I get a conviction during the policy term when do I need to tell you?

If you're banned or have your licence revoked you must inform us straight away.

Am I insured to drive someone else's car?

No. As a Learner Driver, you can only drive the vehicle whose registration appears on the Temporary Certificate of Motor Insurance, which also names you as an insured driver.

Am I insured to drive abroad?

No, this policy only covers you on UK roads.

Should you choose to drive in Europe and have an accident, we will not pay your damages and will seek to recover any third party costs from you.

Can I take my driving test in the car?

Yes, you're covered to take your driving test in the car - just remember to take your insurance certificate with you to the test centre. And don't forget to make sure you have someone who is insured on the car's main policy with you to drive the car home as your cover stops when you pass your test.

Once I pass my test, how long does the Learner Driver cover last?

It terminates as soon as you pass your test.

What happens if I pass before the policy ends?

If you pass before the policy ends you must let us know. If you have 30 days or more left on your policy we will refund the difference, excluding a £10 cancellation charge.

Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes, there's a £10 cancellation fee. Remember, if you have 30 days or more outstanding on your policy when you cancel, we will refund the difference minus the £10.

How do I make a claim?

Call our dedicated Learner Driver Claims line on 0330 134 8647.

We're open Mon - Fri 8am - 9pm, Sat 9am - 5pm, Sun 10am - 4pm.

Is there a curfew?

No, with Learner Driver you can get behind the wheel day or night and it's great practice to get to grips with driving in the light and night time.

How do I add a learner driver to an existing Admiral motor policy?

Phone us on 0333 220 2000 to add someone to your existing policy. Calls to 03 numbers will cost no more than calls to national geographic numbers (starting 01 or 02) from both mobiles and landlines.

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