The Service Station Premier League

Admiral reveals how much Premier League football fans on away trips will have to pay for a snack at UK service stations

The new football season is here and loyal fans are hitting the road to follow their team. But what happens when hunger strikes on the way to an away game? Admiral has looked at what fans of Premier League teams can expect to fork out for food and drink if they stop off at a motorway service station on their way to the first away games of the season.

We've looked the cost of two lattes, two cheeseburgers, two bottles of water and two packets of crisps at service stations up and down the land. For each Premier League team, we've worked out the average cost a fan would pay for these items at service stations they are likely to stop at for their first away trips.

Our league table shows the total cost for fans of each team. The prices range from £15.28 for Newcastle fans travelling down to Spurs up to a hefty £21.19 for Arsenal fans on their way to Stoke.

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