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Accident claims go up by over 30% as summer holidays come to an end

  • The average term time commute takes 32 minutes, with an EXTRA 22 minutes to drop children at school/nursery;
  • On average, commuters estimate they save 15 minutes per journey during the school holidays;
  • Almost half of drivers are late for work because of the school run and rush hour traffic
  • 71% drivers think too many parents drive their children to school during term time
  • Two thirds of drivers find it less stressful commuting during the holidays than in term time

As schools head back after the summer break, a new investigation by Admiral Car Insurance has revealed that the number of collisions  during the morning and afternoon rush hours increase by over a third during term time.

Analysis of accident claims recorded over the last five years found that the number of accidents taking place between 8am - 9am and 3pm - 4pm rose by 32% on average during term time compared to the school summer holidays1.

As part of the investigation, Admiral’s research2 revealed that the average commute of 20 miles or 32 minutes increases by 16 miles and an additional 22 minutes for drivers doing a school or nursery drop off. 

As many as 71% of drivers believe that too many parents drive their children to school during term time. Despite this, Admiral found that four out of five parents (80%) could use an alternative means to take their children to school, whether walking, cycling, by bus or train. 

When asked why parents take their children to school/nursery by car, Admiral found 41% said it was the quickest option, 38% said it was too far to walk and 33% said it was so they could continue their commute to work afterwards.

Meanwhile, nearly half (48%) of Brits said they were late for work a result of the school run and rush hour traffic at least once a month while almost two fifths (18%) were late between as often as five times a month.

Over two thirds (67%) commuters said they found it less stressful commuting during the school holidays than in term time.

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