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Conflict over who is going to drive causing British couples to argue


 Deciding who’s going to drive on an evening out can be a contentious issue with new research revealing it has caused an argument... More

There’s a generation gap on our roads - How young, middle-aged and older motorists view each other


Are young drivers fast, impatient and dangerous? Are older drivers slow, nervous and cautious? They might sound like stereotypes b... More

Could the way you drive be written in the stars?


Virgo is the star sign most likely to have had an accident which is their fault in the last yearPisces is most likely to have had... More

The rise and rise of four wheel drivers led by the ‘Chelsea Tractor’


21% rise in 4x4s over the last five yearsHighest percentage of 4x4s in Banchory, AberdeenshireKnightsbridge, Kensington and Chelse... More

Husbands and wives take a different route to driving


 Some people say that once you get married, your habits and preferences merge with your partner’s. However, new research by Admira... More

How low do you go? Cost of fuel puts drivers off filling up until the last opportunity


Motorists in the UK are risking running their cars dry because prices at the pumps are putting them off filling up with fuel until... More

Triskaidekaphobic motorists need have no fear of ‘13’ number plates


The number 13 might not be so unlucky after all as research by car insurance specialist Admiral has discovered  those driving a ca... More

Lack of knowledge shows car maintenance gender divide


Women could potentially be putting themselves at risk due to a lack of simple car maintenance knowledge according to new research.... More

Men more likely than women to drink drive


Worrying new research by leading car insurance expert, Admiral suggests that too many motorists may think drink driving is accepta... More

Motorists see red behind the wheel


New research reveals nearly half (48%) of UK drivers experience road rage, with over a third of these (36%) admitting they d... More

Parents find anxiety, arguments and bad habits in the road ahead as they teach their teenagers to drive


More than half of parents take their learner driver sons and daughters out for additional driving practice, however, according to... More

Location matters when it comes to accident types


New research into the types of accidents motorists in the UK have has shown people who live in parts of Scotland are the most like... More

New insurance discount offered for electric cars


With no vehicle tax to be paid and a subsidy from the Government when you buy one, electric cars have never been so appealing. Now... More

Passengers are driving us round the bend


New research reveals Britain’s motorists are being driven to distraction by their passengers with almost four out of ten (39%) dri... More

Mirror, munch, manoeuvre: The UK’s in car eating habits revealed


• Two thirds (67%) of motorists have eaten when driving • Three quarters (77%) of motorists think eating when driving is dangerous... More

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