Insure your home and car in one go with MultiCover


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You could save time and money on your home and car insurance with Admiral MultiCover

Spending hours sorting out insurance policies is something the majority of us dread, so anything that can make the process quicker and cheaper is a welcome relief.

When we introduced MultiCar Insurance we wanted to make the process of insuring your cars as simple as possible by giving you a MultiCar discount on all the cars, one renewal date and a No Claims Bonus for the policyholder.

Over the years, millions of people have been saving with Admiral MultiCar, while we introduced Admiral Home Insurance, which gave us a great idea! Why not bring Admiral Car and Home Insurance together to save our customers even more time?

So, that’s exactly what we’ve done with Admiral MultiCover Insurance – a policy which can cover all your homes and cars in one place. Just like with MultiCar, each policyholder earns their own No Claims Bonus, you could get a MultiCover discount and there’s just one renewal date to worry about.

Watch our new advert as the Admiral does a pretty good job of explaining it and you find out exactly how it works or if it’s right for you in our handy guides.

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MultiCover Insurance

One policy to rule them all. Insure Home & Car together and get yourself a deal.

Start a MultiCover policy with either a home or car and get your first discount straight away

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