Creative types top the bill for classic car owners


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Admiral reveals who is behind the wheel of the UK’s classic cars - and it may just surprise you...

Tattooists, photo technicians and animators all top the bill of the occupations classic car drivers are most likely to have.

While the majority of classic car owners might still be middle-aged men, new research by Admiral reveals a quarter of classic cars are owned by women.

Looking at data from 10,000 classic car owners, we found the average age of a classic car owner is 52 and that over a quarter are driven by women. While at 76% male it looks like they're still most popular with middle-aged men, their appeal is becoming more mainstream.

It appears those with a creative 9 to 5 are more likely to drive a vintage motor. Topping the list are photo technicians, but there were a wide range of occupations in the top 10 including tattooists, watchmakers and helicopter pilots.

Top 10 occupations for classic car owners

  1. Photo technician
  2. Animator
  3. Tattooist
  4. Lighting director
  5. Building contractor
  6. Watchmaker
  7. Farming stockman
  8. Antique dealer
  9. Helicopter pilot
  10. Motor engineer

Admiral spokesman Justin Beddows said: “We’ve been offering tailored classic car cover since 2011. We thought it would be interesting to dig a bit deeper to see what types of people are driving them.

“People often have a preconception of a classic car owner, and while a lot of them are male and aged over 40 it’s interesting to see that nearly a quarter (24%) are women.

“We love owners of classic cars. Our research also found that on the whole they are less likely to be involved in an accident, with just 11% of them having a crash in the last year compared with 16% of all motorists. This could be because they generally drive more carefully.”

Admiral Classic Car covers most cars aged between 20 and 70 years old, with a value between £1,000 and £100,000.

The most common car we cover is the classic Mini followed by Landrovers and Porsche 911s. However, there are a lot of rare and unusual models on its books, including the Delorean DMC-12, Ginetta G32 and Panther Kallista.


Top 10 rare cars insured by Admiral Classic Car 

  1. Delorean DMC-12
  2. Arm Siddeley Hurricane
  3. Ferrari Dino 246GT Spyder
  4. Ginetta G32
  5. Gordon Keeble GK
  6. Panther Kallista
  7. Renault R9 Gordini
  8. Ford Capri Tickford Turbo
  9. Marcos Mantula Spyder
  10. AC ME

Justin Beddows added: “A classic car doesn’t have to be a souped-up muscle car or beautifully-designed Italian sports car. We’re happy to accept most cars over 20 years old and you can add one to an Admiral MultiCar policy if you own another car and only take the classic out for a spin on weekends.”

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