Driving in Europe: make sure you're legal


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Always double check the laws of the roads you'll be travelling on as some European countries require you to carry extra equipment

It's best to carry a reflective jacket in case of breakdowns; not only will it make you more visible, it's also a legal requirement to wear it if you breakdown by the roadside in France.

  • Don't drink and drive as most European countries have stricter drink-driving laws than the UK
  • Don't use your mobile when driving; it's also against the law in most European countries
  • If you're driving in winter in Europe, some countries insist on snow chains and winter tyres. Holding up traffic because your car isn't equipped with these in severe weather, could earn you a fine
  • Tolls on major routes are more common in Europe than in the UK. If you're taking your time and using the back roads you may not have to pay any tolls at all. Main roads, tunnels and bridges can all demand tolls throughout Europe and if you're mostly using the major routes, it can be cheaper to buy a pre-paid card or pass
  • Speed cameras are more and more common throughout Europe, in many countries the police can demand instant payment of a speeding fine

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