Strange car insurance claims from Safari parks


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Admiral's Claims team deal with some pretty unusual claims - some even include a monkey or two...

Rampaging rhinos may not be high on the list of concerns for UK residents, but for some of Admiral's customers they have proven to be quite the menace.

Our claims teams have dealt with a number of customers needing to claim on their insurance after a trip to a safari park ended with a damaged car. And it's not just raging rhinos causing all the problems...

We've taken a look at some of the most bizarre claims we've received for bumps and damages at safari parks:

  • A driver was making his way through a safari park when a rhino stopped by and scratched itself all around the car leaving it with paint and bodywork damage
  • Another driver was going through the lion enclosure when a lion came towards his car, the driver got nervous, his foot slipped off the brake and he rolled into the car in front. Neither party got out of their cars right away as the lions were still wandering around
  • Another naughty rhino decided to back its heavy load into the back of a car
  • One animal fan was driving through a bear enclosure and even though the bear got quite close to the car without causing any damage, a park ranger did a U-turn across the grass, over the road and drove straight into the side of our customer's car
  • Mischievous monkeys attacked another of our customer's cars at a safari park
  • A lion didn't like the look of one car and decided to run straight into it
  • A customer came a cropper thanks to another park ranger - he was chasing a rhino and zebra in order to separate them and ended up driving straight into the customer's car
  • A deer was getting close to a car so the driver did up her window. The noise startled the deer which then jumped around and kicked out, denting the driver's side wing and car roof
  • A driver was so enthralled by a monkey on his bonnet that he forgot to look around and crashed into the car in front.



Rhino posed by rhino - we cannot confirm it was this rhino mentioned in any of the incidents...

But don't let all this monkey business put you off visiting a safari park - most cars make it through a safari park without a scratch.

If you are unlucky enough to run into problems on your safari trip, the good news is with Admiral you are covered for car damage sustained at a safari park as long as it's reasonable to assume that no damage will be caused.

The road through a safari park is still a road and therefore, as long as any damage occurs on the road, you will be covered.

Here are a few more bizarre claims from safari park outings:

  • A driver reversed into a tree
  • A firework landed on car's windscreen and cracked it
  • A driver was making his way slowly around a safari park when the car caught fire
  • A family was setting off home from a safari park when a deer jumped out in front of their car

If you would like to find out more about Admiral car insurance before you visit a safari park, take a look at what's on offer here.

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