Caravans and trailers


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Admiral answers all of your questions about caravans and trailers and also provides lots of great advice on how to tow safely

Caravanning is big business in the UK. In 2012, UK residents took 15.9m camping and caravanning trips, spending £2.5bn during their breaks, according to Visit England.

In the same year, some 71m bed nights were spent in caravans, tents and motorhomes.

And why not? Caravanning is greener, cheaper and takes less time than foreign travel. For a typical journey comparison, a family would save 8.6 hours of travel time, spend 92% less on transport costs, and save 95% of their CO2 emissions - enough to brew 80,472 cups of tea (

We've put together some useful advice for people who tow caravans and trailers, including:


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