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rated 5 star defaqto rated 5 star defaqto

Our Comprehensive cover has a 5 Star Defaqto rating.

Our Comprehensive cover has a 5 Star Defaqto rating.

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Great features and benefits

Admiral MultiCover Insurance gives you the same great benefits we offer with our MultiCar and our flexible home insurance policies. Bundle your car and home insurance and get yourself a great deal.

Great Car Insurance

Courtesy Car

Use of a courtesy car while yours is being repaired at an Admiral-approved garage.

Windscreen Repair

Policyholders get repairs and replacement of windscreens (excess applies).

European Cover

Up to 90 days' cover in Europe so you can enjoy a driving holiday in France without having to arrange extra cover.

Stereo Cover

Unlimited cover for your vehicle's standard, permanently fitted audio or visual equipment.

Named drivers earn an Admiral No Claims Bonus

Any named drivers can earn their own No Claims Bonus for use with Admiral policies

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Brilliant Home Insurance

Three types of cover

Choose from Contents for renters to Buildings and Combined Insurance for home owners

Flexible cover

Choose from three levels of cover to suit your needs

Unlimited Buildings Cover

Eligibility criteria applies

Up to £150,000 Contents Cover

Policyholders get repairs and replacement of windscreens (excess applies).

Worldwide cover for valuables

Tell us about your specific valuable items and we’ll cover them wherever you take them around the world

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Your questions answered

Am I eligible for a voucher over the phone?

Yes, but the quote must originate online. If you are then directed to call us, you must give a quote reference number from your MoneySavingExpert session and accept in this session.

If I retrieve a quote, am I eligible for a voucher?

Unfortunately no, if you accept a quote from another session, or via a price comparison partner, your voucher will be declined.

How long do I need to wait for my voucher?

At Admiral, you will have your voucher with you within 90 days.