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Record number of MOT failures expected this month

Over half of MOT failures could be easily avoided, new research shows.


A record number of MOT failures are expected this month as 609,000 vehicles registered in March 2016 have their first inspection.

Continental Tyres looked at around 90 million MOT reports spanning three years, and found a number of issues that caused MOT failures in the past and are expected to again. Faulty bulbs, worn brakes and insufficient tyre tread were the cause of 57% of MOT failures in recent years.

A huge number of vehicles are registered each year during the month of March, meaning around 20% of drivers will face an MOT this month.

Some simple maintenance tasks and checks can make the MOT process quicker, cheaper and more painless. If you’re prepared in advance, you can avoid the cost of an MOT retest and shop around for any repairs you need, rather than settling for what’s offered by the garage.

One in three cars are expected to fail their MOT this March due to a problem with the brakes, lights or tyres – and in fact, seven million MOT failures in the past three years were due to tyres not being up to scratch.

Mark Griffiths, safety spokesman at Continental Tyres said: “It is crucial that motorists understand the seriousness of driving with worn brakes or tyres given the impact it has on the safety of everyone on the road.

“Tyres are the vital connection to the road on all four corners, and as the leading advocate of road safety we want to make people aware of how they can save time and money through quick, simple checks.”

Griffiths added: “As well as analysing the data from the last three years we have the insight from one in three new cars in Europe being delivered with Continental tyres – so supporting manufacturers as well as consumers is what we do.”