Government reveals new road safety action plan

Graduated driver licences are being considered for new drivers as part of a new road safety action plan


The government is looking into ways to make new drivers safer on the road, including exploring the possibility of introducing a graduated licence in England.

Graduated licences will put certain requirements on new drivers, including:

  • Having a minimum learning period
  • Not driving at night
  • Not driving with passengers under a certain age

The number of drivers who crash during their first year of driving is one in five, and it’s hoped that a graduated licence might help reduce this.

In December 2017, the driving test changed to include more real-life situations, such as following directions from a sat nav and driving into and reversing out of a parking bay.

It’s hoped a graduated driver licence combined with this more realistic test would help drivers feel less daunted after they pass their driving test.

Graduated licences already exist in:

  • Sweden
  • Ontario and British Columbia in Canada
  • New Zealand
  • New South Wales and Victoria in Australia
  • New York and California in the USA

Motorcyclists in the UK already have a version of the graduated driving licence as there are age restrictions on more powerful bikes.

Road Safety Minister Michael Ellis said: “We have some of the safest roads in the world, but we are always looking at ways to make them safer.

“Getting a driving licence is exciting for young people, but it can also be daunting as you’re allowed to drive on your own for the first time.

“We want to explore in greater detail how graduated driver licensing, or aspects of it, can help new drivers to stay safe and reduce the number of people killed or injured on our roads.”

Find out more about graduated licences and other proposed changes in the Road Safety Statement.