Donald Trump in your shower? He just might be the house guest from hell

Homeowners in the UK have revealed what they dislike most about having guests to stay and who would be their guest from hell

Admiral Home Insurance surveyed 2,000 homeowners to find out who their guest from hell would be and what's the worst thing about having a stranger in their home.

Having to share the bathroom was revealed as the biggest bugbear, closely followed by having to clean up after house guests and keeping them entertained.

Our research also found that Brits are reluctant to be a guest of others, with the worst thing being the feeling you're in the way. Sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and using someone else's bathroom also polled highly.

Head of Admiral Home Insurance, Noel Summerfield, said: "I think our research shows just how much we value our privacy and personal space. A lot of us have gripes about having guests to stay with us, but we’re equally unhappy when we go to stay with others."

We also asked homeowners who would be their houseguest from hell and who they’d be delighted to host for a weekend.

Perhaps as a result of all the coverage he’s generating, presidential candidate Donald Trump topped the list of unwelcome houseguests. He was followed by someone with equally outspoken opinions, Katie Hopkins. Ex-prime minister David Cameron came in third.


Who would be your houseguest from hell?

  1. Donald Trump
  2. Katie Hopkins
  3. David Cameron
  4. Katie Price
  5. Russell Brand

So what about the guests we would welcome into our homes? The most popular houseguests would be those considered celeb ‘royalty’ or even actual royalty with The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge taking the top spot. National treasures, Sir David Attenborough and Adele came second and third.

Who would be your ideal houseguest?

  1. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  2. Sir David Attenborough
  3. Adele
  4. Stephen Fry
  5. James Corden

However having a famous guest isn’t something many of us would want in the first place, with 42% saying they wouldn’t want anyone famous staying with them.

And what about staying in a stranger’s house or having them stay with you? Many people now share their homes on sites such as Airbnb. Does our attitude to having guests suggest we are not ready to embrace the home sharing phenomenon?

Admiral asked homeowners if they would consider listing their home on home sharing site. It found that only 3% of them had done it although 30% would consider it. However two thirds would not even consider it, with the main reasons given being:

  • Not wanting strangers in their house
  • Worrying the guests would cause damage
  • Worrying the guests would steal things

Noel added: "Although a lot of people are put off using home sharing sites, they could be missing a trick. As a guest they are a great way to see new places and live like a local. They are also often much cheaper than a hotel.

"For those who don’t like the thought of being a host, it could be a great opportunity to meet new people and you could make some money from your property. If you’re worried guests could cause damage or steal something, we’ve launched Host Insurance, especially for people using home sharing sites. So if  the worst does happen, you can make a claim, something normally excluded on regular home insurance policies."

Anyone who is put off by listing their home on Airbnb because of potential damage probably shouldn’t be too worried. Nearly half (47%) of the people Admiral surveyed said they would treat a home they were staying in better than they would a hotel room. Only 11% said they would treat it worse.

Admiral is the first leading insurer to offer specific Host Insurance for people listing their property on a home sharing site. Most home insurance policies don’t provide cover if someone using these sites has to make a claim due to damage caused by a guest.