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Almost half of car accidents happen during rush hour

Almost half of all accidents on UK roads are taking place during rush-hour traffic, a new investigation by Admiral has revealed.


Analysis of car insurance accident claims made by policyholders shows that 43% of those were for accidents that took place in peak rush hour times.

According to the new research, Fridays are the most common day for an accident with 17% of claims taking place on this day.

Meanwhile, ‘Sunday’ drivers were found to be the least likely to be involved in an accident with just 10% of car accidents happening on that day.

Between 5pm and 6pm - during evening rush hour - was found to be the most common time in the day for an accident to take place, with 10% of accidents taking place in this one-hour window. Between 1am and 2am was the time with the fewest claims for accidents recorded.

The highest volume of accidents was recorded between 8am and 9am on a Tuesday, whilst the single hour with the fewest claims for accidents was between 4am and 5am on Tuesday, meaning there is just a three hour window between the most and least likely times for having an accident.

Head of Motor at Admiral, Sabine Williams, said: "Rush hour means higher volumes of traffic and more stressed drivers on the road, and as our data clearly shows, these result in more accidents.

"While it’s unavoidable for many of us, there are ways you can make driving during rush hour less stressful. Try to leave a bit earlier than you need to, listen to music or radio that makes you feel happy, rather than angry or wound up and if possible car share, not only could it mean one less car on the road, you’ll have some company on your journey."