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MOTs and driving tests to be reintroduced

Easing of lockdown restrictions sees partial lift of extraordinary measures taken to help prevent the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)


Mandatory MOT testing will be reintroduced from 1 August 2020 in line with COVID-19 road restrictions being gradually eased. 

Cars, motorbikes and vans were granted a six-month MOT exemption from 30 March, while all practical driving tests and MOTs for lorries, buses and trailers were suspended for three months from 21 March.

The aim was to slow the spread of Coronavirus but still allow those that must travel to work or to the supermarket to do so without worrying about their MOT, as long as their car was safe. 

Motorists with an MOT due date before 1 August will still receive a six-month exemption, although they can choose to get their MOT sooner if they prefer. 

The exemption is provided on the condition that vehicles are roadworthy and still being properly maintained. Drivers can be prosecuted if they’re found to be driving an unsafe vehicle. 

Driving tests

Driving tests were also suspended as part of safety measures during the Coronavirus lockdown, and while both theory and practical tests have resumed in England, they’ll remain suspended for any areas in local lockdown. 

The driving test booking service reopened on Tuesday 1 September 2020 but closed again shortly afterwards when all available tests were booked up. The DVSA will reopen the online booking system at 8:00 on Monday 7 September when more tests will have been added to the system.

From Monday 14 September, tests will be available to book 18 weeks ahead instead of the current six weeks.

Restart dates for driving tests

Test type England Wales Scotland


4 Jul

3 Aug

22 Jul


22 Jul

17 Aug

14 Sep

Motorcycle module 1 and 2

13 Jul

3 Aug

3 Aug

Lorry, bus and coach

13 Jul

3 Aug

31 Aug

Car and trailer

13 Jul

3 Aug

14 Sep


6 Jul

3 Aug

3 Aug

The situation was slightly different in Northern Ireland, but the DVA has restarted driving tests for private cars (category B) and lorries (Category C). 

Driving lessons resumed in England on 4 July and in Wales on 27 July.

Find out more at GOV.UK.

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