Would you buy a car without a radio?


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Eight out of 10 new car drivers would never consider buying a car without a radio, according to new survey results.

In the biggest survey of its kind ever undertaken in the UK, France and Germany, all respondents had bought one of the top 20 European car brands within the last three years, ensuring a fair comparison between radio and other audio options more present in new cars such as streaming.

The results show radio's continued dominance of the dashboard delivering 75% of all in-car listening with 84% of drivers always or mostly listening to the radio on every journey.

When drivers were asked which entertainment source they'd keep in their car it was a clear win for radio among UK drivers (73%). CD players came in second at 11%.

Despite being in many modern cars, it seems in-car streaming hasn't gained much love from the public with only 1% voting to save it if they had to.

The survey was commissioned by UK Radioplayer following UK RAJAR’s figures which revealed a higher proportion of radio listening is being done behind the wheel than ever before.

Michael Hill, Managing Director of Radioplayer, said: "Seatbelt, ignition, radio. That habit is clearly as ingrained today as it was 20 years ago."

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