Which UK city has the angriest drivers?


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Watch out for drivers in Glasgow...

If you plan on driving in Glasgow soon, you may want to make sure you’re prepared to deal with angry drivers. That’s because a recent survey by YouGov, conducted for Ikano Bank, reveals that Glasgow drivers experience the most road rage in the UK.

After asking 2,000 motorists how regularly they’ve experienced feelings of stress, frustration and anger on the roads, it appears that Glasgow motorists are on average the most impatient, angriest and anxious. In fact, more than a third of respondents indicated that they regularly get worked up while behind the wheel.

What about other UK cities?

The survey paints a different picture for other cities within the UK. Even in Scotland’s capital, Edinburgh, 70 per cent of drivers said that they rarely feel angry or anxious while driving. Similar to drivers in Edinburgh, motorists in Liverpool have proven to be the calmest out of the UK, with only 16 per cent of drivers saying they often lose their temper behind the wheel.

Coming in behind Glasgow, Newcastle and Bristol took second and third place for angriest drivers. Despite lack of parking and heavy traffic, London only came in a surprisingly seventh place on the list of 14 UK cities.

Road rage on an international scale

Cities like Edinburgh and Liverpool may have the calmest drivers, but the whole of the UK has come in second place for angriest drivers in Europe, second only to Italy.

Neil Greig, director of research and policy at the Institute of Advanced Motorists said, “It’s no surprise that the UK rates are so high for road rage as we have some of the most congested roads in Europe.”

Perhaps UK drivers should look to Sweden, whose motorists were ranked as the most peaceful and patient in Europe.

How to avoid road rage

In Admiral’s survey of UK Motorists in 2013, nearly half of UK drivers revealed that they have experienced road rage, and almost a third said they experienced it more than once a week. So what should you do if you feel road rage creeping up on you while you’re driving? Here are a few top tips:

  • Try rolling down a window – this may help reduce the feeling of invulnerability and remind you that you are not shielded from the world just because you are in a car
  • Take control of the situation by embracing a sense of mastery – try to rise above it all
  • If you notice your mood has been affected by poor driving and you feel that you are getting angry, you may want to find a safe place to stop and take a moment to relax
  • Remember that if you become a victim of road rage and see that another driver is following and tail-gating you, make your way towards a local police station or a public place. Whatever you do, don’t let them follow you home.

How do drivers in your region compare to other drivers in the UK? Check out our interactive map that breaks down by region the UK's best and worst drivers.

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