UK motorists are buying more electric cars


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Latest figures are now confirming that UK motorists are purchasing more electric vehicles than ever before.



According to Go Ultra Low, since the records began in 2011 the volumes of electric car registrations have risen significantly. When comparing registrations numbers from last year, there were 38% more electric cars from April – June of this year when compared to the same timeframe of last year.

For the total of the first half of the year, 2016 plug-in registrations are 31.8% higher than the first half of 2015. Total, there are now nearly 70,000 registered electric cars on UK roads. Aside from the obvious benefits that low-emission vehicles bring the environment, they’re also bringing economic benefits as well.

“The low-emission sector supports over 18,000 UK jobs and is a key pillar in our ambition for a low carbon, high tech and high skills economy,” Transport minister John Hayes explained. “We are backing this with one of the most comprehensive support packages in the world, with more than £600m of government investment to help grow the UK market.”

Of the low-emission vehicles registered this year, Go Ultra Low notes that the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV has become the most popular with 5,738 on the road so far. The most ‘pure’ electric car this year is the Nissan Leaf with 2,336 vehicles on road.

Government support for electric cars

The Government also continues to support the electric car industry by offering grants of up to £4,500 to the cost of a new car and also tax benefits that may be worth thousands throughout the life of the car.

“The continued growth in uptake of electric cars speaks for itself as registration records continue to be broken by motorists encouraged by the benefits electric motoring can bring,” head of Go Ultra Low Poppy Welch said. “As awareness grows and motorists see the wide variety of vehicles already on UK roads coupled with benefits such as running costs from as little as 2p per mile, more drivers than ever are becoming motivated to go green.”

Go Ultra Low provides motorists with understanding the benefits of electric cars. Their collaborative campaigns bring together a variety of vehicle manufacturers, government resources and the Society of Motor Manufacturers.

To find out more about low-emission cars and how they can save you money, check out our helpful guide. You can also get an Electric Car Insurance quote from Admiral. 

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