Top 10 reasons for driving test fails


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What causes more than half of those taking UK driving tests each year, to fail?

Every year, more than half of the driving tests sat in the UK result in failure - and statistics show we are all making the same mistakes.

With a pass rate of just 46.9% in 2014 to 2015, we thought we'd give learner drivers a helping hand by listing the top 10 reasons for failure.

1.    Observation
Ineffective observation and judgement at junctions

2.    Mirrors
Failure to check mirrors, particularly the rear-view mirror, when changing direction

3.    Steering control
Steering too early or leaving it too late

4.    Junctions
Turning right on a junction is problematic for many learners

5.    Response to signals
Poor response to traffic lights

6.    Control at move off
Ineffective control when moving away 

7.    Positioning
Poor positioning in the road in general

8.    Observation at move off
Lack of observation when moving away

9.    Reverse parking
Lack of control, poor observation or accuracy

10.     Response to signals  and road markings
Inadequate attention to road markings

Now you know what could trip you up when it comes to your driving test, why not take a look at our learning to drive guide? It takes you through everything from licences, tests, lessons and insurance.

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