Three Generations of Driving


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Every generation thinks it is the best at driving and that every other generation has bad driving habits. Young drivers think their parents are too cautious and older drivers are too slow.

So which generation has the best driving style?

According to a recent survey by Admiral MultiCar there are some major differences of opinion amongst the generations. While nearly half of young drivers believe that those over 65 are the worst drivers, 62% of those between 40 and 55 and a whopping 83% of those over 65 think it's the 17-25 year olds that have the most to learn. There seems to be a huge conflict between the old and young, with young drivers typically considered more reckless and over 65s more commonly associated with 'driving too slowly' and hogging the middle lane on the motorway.

So are the young impulsive, reckless and quick? Are older drivers slow and overly-cautious? And where does this leave the 40-50 year old middle-aged motorists? The reality is that there are good and bad drivers within every age group, but that won't stop us judging drivers of other ages.

Watch our video which shows just what different generations of motorists think about their own and other's driving.

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