How quickly will your house sell? The UK’s fastest and slowest housing markets


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House sellers in the UK should be prepared to wait just over three months to sell a property, according to a new report

Homeowners in Liverpool and Belfast face the longest wait to sell their property - 112 days and 119 days respectively, according to research commissioned by Post Office Money.

The report, carried out by the Centre for Economics and Business Research (Cebr), shows the average UK home takes 96 days to sell, up from 91 days a year ago.

However, properties in Edinburgh and Glasgow tend to get snapped up a lot quicker at 41 and 50 days respectively.

Londoners face longer waits than the average across the urban areas analysed, with homeowners in the capital waiting 111 days before their property is taken.

The report also shows that house prices have risen, over the past year, an average of 5% in every city looked at.

Here’s the average selling times and house prices from Post Office Money:

Edinburgh - 41 days - £246,611

Glasgow - 50 days - £125,634

Bristol - 61 days - £277,243

Stoke-on-Trent - 70 days - £104,250

Manchester - 71 days - £166,982

Portsmouth - 73 days - £200,551

Nottingham - 74 days - £134,658

Leicester - 76 days - £161,616

Plymouth - 76 days - £171,921

Birmingham - 77 days - £175,943

Leeds -77 days - £176,015

Southend-on-Sea - 78 days - £276,602

Norwich - 83 days - £200,581

Sheffield - 83 days - £158,343

Brighton - 84 days - £365,601

Cardiff - 86 days - £196,625

Derby - 86 days - £151,722

Newcastle - 97 days - £162,876

Hull - 101 days - £110,427

Swansea - 110 days - £140,661

London - 111 days - £484,362

Liverpool - 112 days - £126,862

Belfast - 119 days - £120,351

If you’re in the market for a new home, here are four tips from Post Office Money.

Move fast

If you’re buying in an area with a slower sale rate, your ability to move faster could give you an opportunity to negotiate on the price

Break the chain

 If you’re in a chain, take a look at your interim options as renting or staying with friends to see which are the most financially viable especially if sales in your area complete faster than where you are moving.

Plan for extra costs

Use average sale rates to help plan for extra costs if your home takes longer to sell than expected. Paying council tax, home insurance and service charges on two properties can quickly add up.

Can you stay put?

If you’re currently renting have a chat with your landlord to check about staying longer than planned if the house sale is slow, or ending your contract sooner if it’s a quick process.

If you’re selling your house, first impressions are everything. Take a look at Admiral Home Insurance’s tips to get your home ready for the market.

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