UK's safest city revealed

Belfast beats Newcastle, Portsmouth and Swansea to the top spot

Admiral research has revealed Belfast as the UK’s safest city, with its residents least likely to be victims of car crime or burglary.

Residents of North West London, Central London and South West London are the most likely to claim for incidences of car crime or burglary, according to the research.

Admiral MultiCover looked at more than four million home and car insurance policies for car break-ins, car theft and home burglaries over the last two years.

The second safest place to live in the UK is West London, with Portsmouth coming in third.

The UK’s safest cities: where are residents least likely to be the victims of car crime or burglary?

  1. Belfast
  2. West London
  3. Portsmouth
  4. Newcastle
  5. Plymouth
  6. Swansea
  7. Norwich
  8. Brighton
  9. Sunderland
  10. Stoke
  11. Aberdeen
  12. North London
  13. Nottingham
  14. Leicester
  15. Sheffield
  16. Peterborough
  17. East London
  18. Cardiff
  19. Glasgow
  20. Edinburgh
  21. Bristol
  22. Southampton
  23. Birmingham
  24. Coventry
  25. Bradford
  26. Manchester
  27. Liverpool
  28. Leeds
  29. South East London
  30. South West London
  31. Central London
  32. North West London

Car break-ins – safest and most at-risk cities revealed

Residents of Belfast are least likely to make a claim for a car being broken into, with Newcastle and Brighton coming in next as the places where you’re least likely to have valuables nicked. Unsurprisingly, central London was named as the most likely place for vehicles to be broken into.

  Safest cities - top 10
1 Belfast
2 Newcastle
3 Brighton
4 Stoke
5 Aberdeen
6 Norwich
7 West London
8 Edinburgh
9 Glasgow
10 Portsmouth


  Most at risk cities - top 10 
1 Central London
2 South West London
3 North West London
4 South East London
5 Bradford
6 Leeds 
7 Bristol
8 Cardiff
9 Birmingham
10 Coventry

Theft of a car – where is your car least likely to be stolen?

According to the research, Norwich is the safest place to leave your car – followed by Newcastle and Belfast. Liverpool takes the top spot as the place where you’re most likely to get your car stolen, followed by central London and Birmingham.

  Safest cities - top 10
1 Norwich
2 Newcastle
3 Belfast
4 Plymouth
5 Brighton
6 Portsmouth
7 West London
8 Southampton
9 Peterborough
10 Stoke


  Most at risk cities - top 10 
1 Liverpool
2 Central London
3 Birmingham
4 South West London
5  North West London
6 Bradford
7 Leeds
8 Manchester
9 Coventry
10 South East London

Burglary – which is the safest city to call home?

Belfast residents are the least likely to be victims of home burglary, followed by West London and Swansea.

At the other end of the scale, those living in North West London, South East London and South West London are the most likely to claim for a burglary at home.

  Safest cities - top 10
1 Belfast
2 West London
3 Swansea
4 Portsmouth
5 Sunderland
6 Plymouth
7 Newcastle
8 Norwich
9 Brighton
10 Stoke


  Most at risk cities - top 10 
1 North West London
2 South East London
3 South West London
4 Central London
5 Leeds
 6 Manchester
7 Bradford
8 Coventry
9 Liverpool
10 Southampton

When it comes to home burglary, the most common items policyholders claimed for were jewellery and watches, bicycles and cash.

Head of claims at Admiral, Lorna Connelly, said: “Relatively few of the claims we deal with are for car crime, and the improvement in car security has no doubt resulted in fewer thefts in recent years. However, our research shows it’s still a problem that hasn’t gone away. Car owners should do whatever they can to make sure they aren’t a victim.”

Lorna continued: “Our data suggests burglaries are more of a problem than car crime in some cities, for example Southampton came eighth in our list of safest cities for cars being stolen, but was tenth worst for burglaries. Burglars will look for items that are easy to carry out of a house such as money, phones, laptops, jewellery; often the possessions that are the most valuable.

“Everyone should make sure they have adequate cover to protect themselves. If you have a garden, make sure your insurance covers for items taken from your shed. For high risk items such as jewellery, you may need to specify them to your insurer to make certain they are covered.

“Simple measures such as making sure cars and homes are well secured with alarms and security cameras and that valuable items are not on display for all to see will help deter criminals.”