Silverstone Classic - Silver Sunday Parade winners


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Check out the winners of the Admiral-sponsored Silver Sunday Parade at the 25th anniversary Silverstone Classic Car Show

silver sunday parade banner

It may have been a rainy day at the Silver Sunday Parade in Silverstone, but it didn't dampen Admiral's spirit when choosing the winning cars.

As sponsors of the prestigious parade - this year celebrating 25 years of Silverstone Classic - Admiral's Classic Car Insurance team had the honour of choosing the top three cars out of a range of stunning vehicles.

The cars on show ranged in value - everything from £1,000 up to some serious money.

There were some very nice Lotus Esprits, an iconic Aston Martin DB5, a few Ferraris and plenty of other exotic marques parading the track.

For Admiral, however, it's not all about monetary value; rarity always sparks intrigue. It was a thrill to see some classics made by everyday manufacturers, which, on their launch either changed the success of their makers or actually changed the landscape of the motoring world.

But despite all the beautiful cars on show, Admiral could only choose three winners.

Third place - Audi Quattro UR

Audi Quattro UR

The Quattro is sometimes mistakenly labelled as the first production car with all wheel drive, but that accolade actually goes to the Jenson FF; the Audi was the first mark to make a success of it.

On creating the Quattro UR, Audi had its targets firmly set on the rally stage, many at the time said the four wheel drive system would be too heavy and cumbersome. How wrong they were! Not only was the UR a major success in the motor sport and sales sectors, it changed the rallying world forever. Just look at world rallying today and how many are two wheel drive.

A spokesman for Admiral's Classic Car team said: "This model sat behind another Quattro in the line up and both were very nice cars, but this one grabbed the team's attention for the simple reason it had the cloth interior; most owners would have tried to retro fit the leather interior into their cars so it was refreshing to see this original interior."

Second place - Vauxhall Chevette HS

Vauxhall Chevette

This Vauxhall Chevette HS was one of two in the line up and both cars were in great condition. But the car which took second place caught the team's attention due to the semi slick tyres and the great interior condition.

The HS was developed by Vauxhall to compete in the world of rallying and a number of models had to be homologated to qualify. Again, this car falls into the everyday hero; back in the '70s and '80s, Chevettes were a common sight but now they are extremely rare and the HS model even more so.

A spokesman for Admiral's Classic Car team said: "There is something very satisfying about a little car from a mainstream manufacturer going head-to-head with the big boys." AND THE WINNER IS...

First place - Datsun 240Z

Datsun 240Z

Japanese cars in the '70s took the European market by storm by showing that cars could be reliable, however, they hadn’t proved they could produce a sexy, sleek design for the everyday market.

Enter the Z cars - sporty, sleek and stylish. Coupled with bulletproof reliability, the Japanese had arrived.

Admiral's Classic Car team's spokesman said: "This absolutely stunning example is owned by Greg Jackson of the Z Car Register. We think you'll agree it's beautiful.

"While walking through the silver car line up, which included such big names as Ferrari and Porsche, it was this 240 Z that caught our eye and would not let go.

"The car is a real testament to Greg and the first place prize is very well-deserved." admiral classic car team and greg jackson


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