Safe summer driving: look after your tyres


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Most drivers are prepared for the extra care they need to take when driving in winter. We’re prepared for icy conditions and poor visibility. But have you considered the steps you might need to take to drive safely during summer?


If you’re planning on taking a staycation this summer or going on trips with the kids when they’re off school, be sure to follow the advice from Continental Tyres and road safety charity TyreSafe to ensure you are fully prepared.

Whether it’s due to surprise bad weather, driving on unfamiliar country roads, taking journeys that are longer than usual or handling a fully-loaded car, 1/3 of all tyre-related incidents happen during the summer months.

With a bit of extra care and a few checks, you can be certain that your tyres are safe for the next trip you need to take. The infographic below outlines some important points to bear in mind.


Mark Griffiths, safety expert at Continental Tyres, said: “As part of our Vision Zero initiative which aims for zero accidents, injuries or fatalities on our roads, we are keen to make motorists aware of the small steps they can take to make their journey safer this summer.

“With a spell of good weather, it is easy to get a little complacent in a way motorists might not be in the winter when they are braced for rain, snow and ice.

“It is vital that, whatever the season, people remain alert to changes in conditions and ensure that their tyres are in top condition.

“With schools about to break up, and more than half of Britons planning on taking their 2018 summer holiday in the UK, these simple checks can help reduce the risk of an unwanted disruption.”

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