Operation Drive Insured aims to crackdown on uninsured driving


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UK police forces team up with MIB in efforts to stop uninsured drivers

Monday 17 October marked the first day of Operation Drive Insured – the first ever insurance enforcement awareness week.

Started by the MIB (Motor Insurers’ Bureau) and the National Roads Policing Intelligence Forum, the campaign aims to bring more attention to the issues and dangers of uninsured driving and the impacts it has on UK motorists. Operation Drive Insured also plans to put the national spotlight on the efforts of police officers who are working towards significantly increasing the number of seized vehicles that are found to be uninsured.

Top 20 areas where uninsured driving is a big issue

To start the campaign, the MIB has released yesterday the top 20 postcodes with the highest number of ‘hotspots.’ Where will you find the most uninsured drivers? As a whole, the interactive map shows that the West Midlands has a total of 11 out of the 20 hotspots within the UK, with the top five postal districts for uninsured driving all being there. Leading the way is the Birmingham postal district B9. Of the estimated 3.7 million vehicles in the West Midlands, the MIB approximates there’s close to 117,000 uninsured cars.

Yorkshire and Humber has the second most hotspots in the UK with a total of 6. Interestingly, even though London doesn’t have any postal districts within the top 20, it’s considered the region with the highest number of insured vehicles out of the whole UK with just over roughly 6% of its 3.1 million vehicles being uninsured.

Neil Drane, Head of Enforcement Services at MIB, explained, “Nationally, we have managed to reduce the estimated total number of uninsured drivers from 2 million in 2005 to 1 million today. This is in part due to police powers to seize vehicles since 2005; writing to all drivers where doubt exists that they have to have insurance, and running awareness campaigns. However, this figure is still too high and is a burden on all honest motorists.”

The crackdown on uninsured driving

Earlier this year, the MIB launched a similar campaign in efforts to alert drivers of the risks of driving without insurance to highlight what could happen should motorists choose to carry on without car insurance. As ‘Gone in Seconds’ has aimed to educate UK motorists about the risks and dangers of uninsured driving, Operation Drive Insured now aims to enforce and stop any uninsured drivers still out there.

Ultimately, UK police forces aim to seize around 3,000 vehicles per week as a part of their crackdown on uninsured driving.

Detective Superintendent Paul Keasey, the National Police Chiefs Council’s Head of National Roads Policing Intelligence Forum, said, “With ever-improving technology including the police’s widespread use of ANPR, Automatic Number Plate Recognition, the message from all our police forces is: you will be caught.”

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