No plans to cut England and Wales’ drink-drive limit


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A road safety charity is unhappy that England and Wales’ drink-drive limit is not being lowered in line with the recently introduced limit in Scotland

Brake is unhappy with confirmation from transport minister, Andrew Jones, there won’t be a review into the limit in England and Wales. It’s asking Mr Jones to review findings from Scotland which lowered its limit from 80 to 50mg/100ml of blood in December 2014.

A reduction of the drink-drive limit could help change attitudes towards drink driving according to Brake.

Road Safety Minister Andrew Jones said: “We have no plans to change the drink-drive limit. There is no review.

“The Government believes rigorous enforcement and serious penalties for drink drivers are a more effective deterrent than changing the drink-driving limit.

"Britain continues to have some of the safest roads in the world because we crack down on those who break the law."

Research shows drink drive offences fell by 12% in Scotland during the first nine months after the alcohol limit was lowered. The overall fall during the first year was 8% due to a drink driving spike over Christmas and New Year.

A study by the Scottish government also found the reduction is changing attitudes with 82% of people there now believing it is not acceptable to drink any amount of alcohol and then drive.

The government’s own research in the latest British Social Attitudes survey shows 85% of people think you should not drink any alcohol at all if you plan to drive.

Campaigns director for Brake, Gary Rae, said: “We would urge the minister to listen to and learn from his Scottish counterpart and respect the wishes of both the British public and the police by following Scotland’s lead and dropping the drink drive limit.

“Early indications show a clear reduction in offences in Scotland which can only make our roads safer and mean fewer devastating preventable deaths and injuries.

“This would be a useful step in moving towards a complete zero tolerance of drink driving, which is the only way to make our roads safe.”

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