Motorists want ‘the right to drive’


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The majority of drivers want to retain the right to drive despite the imminent arrival of driverless cars, new research reveals

More than 65% of motorists want to keep driving in their hands according to research carried out by IAM RoadSmart (formerly the Institute of Advanced Motorists).

The organisation conducted an independent poll of 1,000 British motorists along with a separate survey of its 92,000 members and found 53% think the focus should be on making drivers safer – not just cars.

While members welcome new hi-tech advances which improve vehicle safety, they also want to stay in control of their car.

Sarah Sillars OBE, chief executive of IAM RoadSmart, said: “Technological advances that make driving and riding safer for all road users have to be embraced wholeheartedly – but British motorists and our members, do want the right to drive.

“Intelligent cars will deliver a step change in road safety by targeting the human errors we make from time-to-time. We believe a well-trained driver and an ever-vigilant car is a win-win scenario for the future.

“This technology will also prove to be a major boost for business and keep UK PLC at the very edge of technological advance.”

Although the majority stated they think a human should always be in charge of a vehicle, when told 95% of accidents were the result of human error 24% said they agreed with the proposition of driverless cars while just 15% still disagreed with it.

When asked whether they would ‘consider using a driverless car’:

• 32% said yes they would

• 38% said no they would not

• 29% said that they were unsure.

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