Man banned from every petrol station in England and Wales


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Man banned from all petrol stations in England and Wales after scamming them out of thousands of pounds

A fuel thief who doesn't even own his own car has been banned from every petrol station in England and Wales.

Paul Fagg stole fuel worth £3,690 from petrol stations in the Kent area over a four-month period, by pretending he had forgotten his wallet after he’d filled the tank. Mr Fagg would agree to pay for the fuel within a week but then supply a fake address and fail to turn up.

In what police believe was a fuel-to-order plot, Mr Fagg carried out the scam 41 times in cars ranging from a Renault Scenic to a Range Rover.

The 60-year-old was given a 12-month suspended prison sentence and banned from every one of the 7,111 places which sell fuel in England and Wales for the next two years.

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