Injuries caused by road accidents falls by 11% in Wales


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Wales has seen a decline in the number of road accidents resulting in personal injury, according to new figures by the Welsh Government

The figures show a substantial reduction in personal injuries on the road since 2015, this comes as the EU increases efforts to tackle road safety.

Records show road accidents of this type stood at 4,921 in 2016 according to the annual release.

The number continues to decline, with a downward trend in the number of accidents on Welsh roads since 1994 – contrasting with the gradual increase in the volume of road traffic over the same period. The Welsh Government suggests this could be due to the implementation of legal requirements to wear a seatbelt in the 1980s, as well as improvements to vehicle technology.

The statistics released also show a reduction in the number of Welsh road fatalities. This is illustrative of the government’s efforts to reduce the number of serious injuries and fatalities on roads by 2020.

This corresponds with the news European Union transport ministers have formally agreed to set targets to halve the number of serious injuries on EU roads by 2030.

Mary Williams, CEO for Brake, the road safety charity, said of these targets: “We warmly welcome efforts across Europe to reduce needless road deaths and injuries. Targets are essential. They focus governments' minds on the crisis, and the need for urgent steps to be taken by them to save lives.

“All governments should focus on measures that drive towards zero casualties through a safe systems approach. We particularly call for measures that protect pedestrians and cyclists, such as segregated road space, 20mph limits and vehicle design improvements, such as intelligent speed assistance (which restricts the speed of vehicles below limits) and advanced automated emergency braking systems (currently under consideration by the EU).”

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