Flood victim saves over £2000 with Admiral Home Insurance

Sue Cashmore has owned her house in Cockermouth for 10 years; in that time it has flooded four times.

Picture courtesy of Lancashire Life,

The last flood to hit saw her trapped upstairs for three days as her home filled with seven-feet of water before she finally managed to wade out and start the long journey once again of restoring her house back to her home.

For Sue, 56, the last time her home flooded in December 2015 was particularly difficult and expensive – she was uninsured.

Living in a flood-prone area and having been hit before saw Sue’s home insurance rocket to over £3,000, a sum the single mother-of-two could not afford.

“I have two daughters in university and it was more important that I supported them at the time,” she said.

Sue is still working on restoring her home four months later.

“It’s the mud and the smell; I was trapped upstairs for three days watching my home fill with water. I wasn’t insured so it was a salvage operation,” she said.

“I lost lots of furniture and my kitchen.

“It’s a slow process; I have to earn enough money to put the house back together.”

On 4th April 2016, a new Government-led scheme called FloodRe launched in the UK. Supported by the insurance industry, including Admiral, FloodRe offers homeowners a wider range of home insurance options.

New hope

Having been uninsured for six years, Sue got a home insurance quote with Admiral the day FloodRe launched and was over the moon to see the figure stand at just over £400 – £2,600 less than previous quotes with other insurers. She now has Admiral Gold Home Insurance.

Sue said: “People feel very cynical and stop believing in anything after a while, but I can’t tell you how relieved I am to have insurance.

“You dread the next flood and you hope it won’t happen again but then it does and you just have to pick yourself up or you’ll go under.

“People are very resilient and you support yourself. People are stronger than they think and you just get on with it.”

Sue’s house is slowly getting back to normal; she’s had the kitchen tiled and a new stainless steel cooker installed. She’s also moved the boiler upstairs so she won’t be left without hot water and heating should she be flooded again. There’s a bit more decorating to do and her house will finally be ‘home’ again.

Struggled to get home insurance due to flooding?

If you’ve ever struggled to get home insurance, or been refused, due to flooding now is the time to get a quote and you don’t have to wait until your renewal to start saving. You can cancel your current cover at any time; if you’ve been paying higher premiums over the years the savings you could make from switching could be more than the cost of the cancellation fee and you may be entitled to a refund.