Drivers in the south pay £80 more for MOTs


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New research reveals huge differences in MOT and servicing prices throughout England and Wales

Price comparison website has revealed a disparity of up to £82.89 in the average MOT and servicing prices throughout the UK.

It looked into the cost of thousands of MOT and servicing jobs across England and Wales, and identified where motorists are getting the best and worst deals.

The comparison website found South West London to be the most expensive place for a standard MOT & service, setting motorists back by an average of £195.95. Closely following South West London is Leicester, with an average price of £187.85, followed by Portsmouth (£186.08) and Bristol (£180.72).

In contrast, Stoke-on-Trent is the area of the UK which comes out on the bottom of the table, with the lowest average MOT and servicing price of £113.06 - 42% cheaper than South West London. This is followed by Walsall, costing £117.89 and Doncaster (£127.20).

Scott Hamilton, managing director of, said: “Our research shows motorists are paying a premium for servicing, MOT, brakes and clutches in certain parts of England. In fact, motorists are paying 73% more for MOT and servicing in South West London than they are in Stoke-on-Trent, less than 200 miles away.

“There is undoubtedly a postcode lottery and some motorists are being hit hard, paying over the odds for a standard MOT and servicing.”

Most Expensive MOT and Service in the UK

1. South West London £195.95

2. Leicester £187.85

3. Portsmouth £186.08

4. Bristol £180.72

5. Nottingham £176.32

6. Dartford £174.92

7. Wigan £174.66

8. Bradford £174.50

9. Preston £171.55

10. Crewe £170.83

Least Expensive MOT and Service in the UK

1. Stoke-on-Trent £113.06

2. Walsall £117.89

3. Doncaster £127.20

4. Coventry £127.99

5. Swansea £129.44

6. Derby £129.65

7. Birmingham £130.50

8. Manchester £130.55

9. Stockport £130.66

10. Oldham £131.25

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